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What is Cloud Disaster Recovery?

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Cloud disaster recovery is a strategy for backing up and restoring your data on the cloud. It involves storing and maintaining copies of your electronic records in a cloud environment to keep your information secure. Cloud service providers aim to provide an organization with a way to recover data in the case of an unforeseen event.

How Does Disaster Recovery Work?

There are a number of advantages of using cloud services, which include a confident strategy for disaster recovery. Disaster recovery can be implemented in-house or purchased from a service provider. You can even do a hybrid model with partial in-house implementation and the rest as a service. There is a solution for all company sizes, whether they are small-scale or large-scale enterprises. Typically, cloud service providers will charge you for storage on a pay-per-use model. The cost really depends on capacity and bandwidth. The service provider takes care of the entire infrastructure, i.e., purchasing, setting it up and any other resource that is needed for business continuity. They will also hire professionals to maintain, support, and secure the equipment in the data center.

Failover and Data Recovery

Effective cloud disaster recovery provides business continuity to you as an organization with the ability to fail over to a second site when there is a hardware or software failure of your systems. After the crisis is resolved, you can shift your workload back to the original locations. These switches between primary and backup can also be automated if it happens more often. You can choose to fail over data, all your applications or virtual machine images. However, cloud recovery can take a significant amount of time if you have lots of data. You should determine which data/files are really crucial to recover so that it can be done in a short period of time.

How Can Solar VPS Help?

At Solar VPS, disaster recovery allows you to restore your cloud Pod(s) from up to three points. Restore points are successful backups that are taken once every day. You have the flexibility to restore the entirety of your Pod or request to have specific files/folders restored. At Solar VPS, we have thought of everything from management to support, and we provide a number of cloud VPS tools so that you are always in control. And when you sign up with us, you only pay for what you need. If you are looking to build a cloud of your own with a flexible VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today for all your cloud hosting needs.

Why You Need Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery

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What would happen to your company in the case of a digital disaster? Few people enjoy thinking about the idea. Most prefer to pretend that nothing bad could happen to their businesses. That’s why too few companies have a disaster recovery plan. For those who do have one of these plans, however, the extra level of preparedness can literally save companies from destruction.

Avoid Losing Revenue

If your company experiences a data outage, that outage can become costly. In fact, downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute in lost revenue. When you have an outage on your hands, you have no way to conduct your business. Suddenly, the entire company’s focus goes toward fixing the problem instead of generating profit. As a result, you could lose revenue from every department.

Protect Your Reputation

Digital disasters could also potentially harm your clients. If you store any sort of information for your clientele, you risk compromising their digital safety if you don’t have a way to restore and protect that information. Lost trust means lost business. Suddenly, loyal customers who once recommended your business are now steering friends away. The damage to your reputation will spread quickly and completely.

Focus on Your Business

When you have a clear disaster recovery plan, you can spend less time worrying about manual protections. For those who don’t use disaster recovery, the constant worry about whether or not something bad will happen can prevent them from doing their jobs. A disaster recovery plan can remove that worry from your mind. That extra level of calm might just help you gain more clarity and efficiency at work.

Get Convenient Automation

Having a disaster recovery plan means that you get automatic backups with multiple points of restoration. How often do you perform backups on your own? If you had a disaster recovery plan, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. The disaster recovery system would provide regular updates and backups so that your data and your clients’ data will stay safe.

Solar VPS Disaster Recovery

Do you need a disaster recovery plan? Solar VPS offers the best way to protect yourself. We back up new data in increments, provide full server backups, and perform updates as often as needed. All of these measures take place in our high-quality data centers. If you’re ready for top-level system protection, contact us now to ask about the disaster recovery add-on.

Two Data Centers Are Better Than One

Cloud Disaster Recovery is Important

We want to take this time to talk about Cloud based Disaster Recovery Solutions. Getting it out of the way, Solar VPS offers our clients with Cloud based disaster recovery services which provide:

  1. 20GB to 200GB Backup Capacity
  2. Full Server Backups
  3. New Data Backed Up Incrementally
  4. Backups Stored for Three Days
  5. Newest Backup Replaces Oldest
  6. Multiple Points of Restore
  7. Backups Kept in a Redundant Offsite Data Center Facility

To learn more about Solar VPS SolarSystem Disaster Recovery options, follow this link, SolarSystem DR. That said, we want to use this space to talk about Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions and why they are so important.