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Is Mobile Tech Making Us Anti-Social Butt Heads?

Mobile Tech Breeds Anti-Social Behavior

Last week, we attended Cloud Expo 2013 in Silicon Valley. For anyone who has ever attended a Cloud Expo, you know the event is made up of two major parts: a) show floor and b) keynote sessions. During keynote sessions, speakers from exhibiting companies speak to the crowd in attendance about the innovations within their company and why the market should take notice. While this is all well and good, this post is about the crowd. For us, the most telling aspect of every keynote session was not the speaker, it was what the crowd invariably did regardless of how excellent or thought provoking a keynote proved to be. That action: looking down at their smartphone or tablet to text, play games, surf the web, scroll Facebook walls etc. Think about this: the crowd in attendance paid money to come to the show and yet, while they are in attendance, they tune the show out in favor of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. It led us to this question:

Is mobile tech making us anti-social butt heads?