Managed Linux VPS

Absolute freedom is something which is constantly advertised whenever the topic of Linux virtual private servers is discussed. With more software package options and root access, a Linux VPS can be a lot more versatile and flexible than a Windows VPS. However this fact is based on how “edited” a virtual private server can be. To the Linux virtual server user this might sound off yet it has to be said even with Linux the owner of the virtual property inside the datacenter still hold a degree of influence over any VPS. Although this might sound like a corporate power grab, the truth is a managed Linux VPS means you share the responsibility of maintaining your server with another party (in most cases, the shared party is a team of IT experts working for an IT provider who supplies your virtual private server). Sharing responsibility of your server is a managed VPS solution (full with VPS cPanel). For this article, we’ll look discuss tips for choosing your managed Linux VPS solutions, as well as provide you with a glimpse of Solar VPS, one of the best Linux VPS providers in the web hosting industry.

Basic Tips for Choosing your Managed Linux VPS

  • Try looking out for supported control panels before making a general assessment. We already know that different VPS providers offer different availabilities for possible control panel software packages. This means that even for managed Linux servers, there is still a possibility that the control panel you intend to use won’t be the one that is compatible or available. In this case, you can either try to cope with using another control panel or simply move on to the next candidate. What’s important is that you keep this criterion in mind when looking for a managed Linux VPS solution.
  • Conduct research on managing options for your Linux VPS solution. Not all managed VPS have the same scope when it comes to virtual server management. Some services offer a few automated editing options, while others can provide additional support or assistance to the user helping them maximize their server. Additionally try to balance your budget with the available management options a managed Linux VPS provider offers. Also, do not forget to search for available backup management options, as this perhaps is one of the most important features that you’ll need for any managed VPS.

Solar VPS: Managed Linux VPS Providers at their Finest

In terms of web hosting providers, Solar VPS is one of the finest IT solutions currently on the market. With the introduction of their Cloud VPS Management Suite, the SolarSystem, the brand is poised to truly shake up the Linux VPS solutions market. When it comes to managed Linux VPS providers, Solar VPS specializes in providing their consumer base with Linux VPS plans which allow for full Linux VPS customization and stellar customer support.

Customer Support

When looking for a managed Linux VPS solution, the consumer is looking for Linux VPS providers who offer managed cPanel and a professional IT engineering staff who will answer support tickets and phone calls at 3 am. Solar VPS does exactly that. While they might not be the biggest web hosting firm offering managed virtual servers, their highly technical and IT savvy engineering staff is on call 24/7/365 operating on the 80/20 rule. With Solar VPS, although they won’t offer you the Virtuozzo Power Panel, they guarantee that 80 % of the time, regardless of the time of day, a consumer will speak to the same IT engineer he/she always does. It’s a great deal.

Company Infrastructure

So, what really makes Solar VPS such a great managed VPS provider? The truth of the matter is their virtual servers perform at a highly competitive clip due to their company infrastructure. Although they have only been in business since 2005, the company has made it their calling card to provide excellent Linux VPS starting prices with a ton of RAM and bandwidth. So, if you are searching for a managed Linux VPS provider, take a look at Solar VPS. They will take you to where you want to go.