Best Linux VPS

Best Linux VPS

In today’s tough economic internet-centric world, the convenience of virtual private servers (VPS) is something which cannot be ignored. Any Cloud Computing service capable of lowering the cost of physical capital is vitally crucial in order for a small – medium sized company to enjoy the benefits of a larger corporation. Before we can delve into the importance of VPS in the small business setting, we have to first learn that not all VPS providers offer the same solutions. The difference between services may lie fundamentally within the system that the company offers to its clients, but it can also be largely varied due to the operating system that would be used. In this article, we will be taking an in depth look a look one of the best VPS services for Linux-based OS users, Solar VPS. Although this might not be a full review of the hosting company, this article will give you a better idea of what Solar VPS provides its customer base as a Linux VPS solution.

Solar VPS

Founded in 2005, Solar VPS has been providing Linux VPS solutions to their consumers with the backing of a solid infrastructure, more than capable spec plan and consistently wonderful customer support. As a web hosting provider, Solar VPS has offered their customer base both Linux VPS and Windows VPS solutions at an affordable rate. Most reviews of the company rate their plans as midpoint in price (no cheap Linux VPS here) however where they excel is customization and customer support.

Fully Customize Your Linux-based VPS

With this VPS host, you can fully customize your server. You want 1GB of memory, 60GB of disk storage and 3TB of bandwidth matched with 3 CPU cores? Sure thing. Or maybe you want need 4GB of memory, 40GB of disk space and 5TB of bandwidth matched with 4 CPU cores? That is just fine also. Along with providing their customer base with multiple 64-bit Linux OS’s (CentOS, Fedora, Debian 6, Ubunto 11.10), Solar VPS specifically designed their customer offering to be about what the customer needs and wants. You will be hard pressed to find other VPS providers, be they top of the industry or Cheap VPS Linux providers, doing the same.

Control Your Linux Distro VPS

So, you have decided the open world of Linux is for you. You have decided a Windows VPS isn’t for you because the patches come to slowly, the updates drag out over time and Bill Gates annoys you. Whatever the case, you’re a Linux person and you need an easy solution to properly control your small to medium sized business sever(s). For you, Solar VPS provides cPanel. Like Plesk, cPanel gives you, the user, control over the management, day to day activities and VPS tasks such as:
  • Uploading and Managing Web Pages
  • Creating Email Accounts
  • Installing Web-Based Applications like Blogs, Shopping Carts and Forums
  • Backing Up Date
  • Protecting a Site’s Content and Bandwidth from Abuse
  • Generating and Viewing Statistics About Visitors
  • Reviewing Error Logs to Locate Broken Links and Other Problems
All in all, the company has made it their calling card to provide the VPS market with true VPS customization with multiple options for control.

The Bottom Line

The truth is we all know there are many Linux VPS providers on the market today. We all know the names, GoDaddy, FutureHosting, FastNext VPS etc. and while those names are known (some more widely than others) at the end of the day those companies and many more simply provide their customer base with boxed in VPS plans. Too many companies make you choose a or b rather than giving being a VPS provider offering its clients the entire alphabet. Solar VPS is the entire package. From price point, to customization to their fully managed Linux VPS support (Mission Control), Solar VPS is the Linux VPS provider currently shaking up the market. So, go ahead, take a look at their brand. You might find that they are the best Linux VPS solution for you.