Unmanaged Linux VPS

An unmanaged VPS is free management of a personal virtual server. Having control of your server means you have control over every option on the server. You can eliminate add-ons and software packages as you see fit or you could mold the server’s settings in order to optimize it properly for a specific web task. Freedom aside, unmanaged Linux VPS hosting is attractive to customers because it is a lot cheaper than a managed Linux VPS server. Indeed, with lessened management plans and systems, the potential price of any unmanaged Linux VPS solutions is cheaper. In this article we will discuss three key points to looking for a great and cost effective unmanaged VPS hosting company while also discussing the benefits of Linux OS’s like CentOS and Unbutu.

Linux VPS Solutions Are About Freedom

Before we discuss the keys of looking for a great unmanaged Linux VPS provider, we want to talk about why a user would choose to utilize Linux virtual private servers over a Windows VPS solution. As we have previously mentioned, the two main reasons a blogger or an IT professional chooses Fedora or RedHat over Windows 7 is freedom and money. As all Linux users know, Linux virtual servers provide users with the ability to fully take control and manipulate their OS of choice. Because Linux is open source, because the patches and fixes do not come from one overriding corporation, the Linux OS allows users to do anything they want. In mobile terminology, Linux is rooted, while Windows is a locked device. More than just the open nature of Linux, a truly unmanaged Linux virtual server solution challenges it’s users to constantly learn new fixes and techniques of operating their OS of choice. In short, Linux is a great option for the IT savvy lot who want to fully control their OS via independence.

3 Keys to Unmanaged Linux VPS Success

  • Cheap Linux VPS is Your Friend
It goes without saying, but since you are searching for an unmanaged Linux VPS hosting provider, money is not going to be an issue. For most Windows’s users. the monthly price of a Windows VPS provider is automatically higher than its Linux counterpart simply by way of the paying for the Windows OS license. Whereas a starting price for an unmanaged Windows VPS could be $22 per month, the same package with a Linux OS will run, on average, ten dollars less per month.
  • Linux VPS Soothes Your OS Needs
When searching for a VPS Linux server, users have the ability to choose providers which offer their given OS of choice. Even with cheap unmanaged Linux VPS solutions, the wide variety of companies currently operating offer their clients a spectrum of OS’s. It isn’t unusual for a cheap VPS provider to offer multiple distros like Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian, all in one offering. So when searching for your VPS of choice, go with the company who offers your OS of choice.
  • Linux VPS providers with Support
An unmanaged Linux VPS with support. The words don’t seem to make sense however, due to the competitive nature of the web hosting market, there are providers who offer a small amount of support to unmanaged Linux VPS clients. The support they offer might not be the best, however for an unmanaged Linux VPS provider to offer patch updates and OS reinstalls, is better than nothing at all. If you can manage to find a hosting company which offers minor support for unmanaged servers, they might be something to look into.