Linux VPS Reviews

How do you differentiate one VPS service from another? How can you determine the potential value of one Linux VPS over the other? In the sea of different providers, finding the right one seems a little too overwhelming, especially for someone who is just starting to learn about Cloud Computing and virtualization. It’s a good thing we are blessed with the a few great Linux VPS reviews, most of which are easily searchable within any search engine. But even if these reviews make our provider selections narrower and easier to segregate, there is still a considerable degree of confusion, especially if we find that there is no discernible differences between two different Linux VPS reviews (in terms of rating). In this article, we will provide a simple attempt to aid you with this problem in order for you make the best Linux VPS provider selection for your business.

1. Keep in mind the available types of Linux OS accepted for VPS solutions.

There are many Linux-based operating systems that are compatible with virtual servers. In terms of overall use, there is not really much difference between contrasting operating systems. However, preference might take a dominant role in selecting on Linux OS over the other. Even if your chosen Linux VPS service is great and their deals are perfect for your business budget, it would mean nothing if you are planning to use an OS they don’t support. So before starting to check for Linux virtual private server reviews, it would be a good idea to research supported OS’s first.

2. See to it that the review came from a customer who has been using the solution for quite some time.

This might not be specific for a Linux VPS, but it’s still quite important to note when searching for good Linux VPS reviews. Reliability and stability are two of the most important criteria that assess the service level of any VPS service. You can’t really test that out without investing a significant amount of time with your virtual server, can you? As for the length of time needed, the minimum recommended time period would probably be around a month, but it’s always better to search for reviews that hold a much longer amount of time. Reviews tracking usage over a long period of time will track any technical infrastructure issues of the provider themselves.

3. If possible, try to search for a Linux VPS review that has its own security analysis section.

Many VPS reviews would probably prioritize access speeds and uptime stability when it comes to their assessment. Having a security analysis section of your searched for Linux VPS review isn’t a true deal breaker however it will give you a great idea of what your Linux VPS has in store for you. Don’t go overboard with this though and dismiss a positive Linux VPS review just because the writer did not include its security performance. Overall it is best to look at the overall package your Linux virtual server hosting provider is offering rather than narrowing it down to one detail.

4. Note the presence of hidden fees in the VPS service review.

Nothing really defeats the purpose of a Linux virtual private server more than having to actually pay more than what was advertised. Hidden fees can be really troublesome, since it can still somehow skew your overall business plan of using Linux VPS for cost savings. This might be preaching to the choir, but take note that hidden fees won’t instantly reduce the potential value of a Linux VPS service.

5. Don’t just look at how fast or efficient their support service was in the review.

You need to also look into the types of problems that appeared or were simulated in the review. Sure the support service team seemed fast, were responsive and were generally capable of dealing with the problem. But what exactly are the problems solved by the VPS support team? Is it something simple or did the support team provide a good solution for a problem that would have otherwise been difficult to handle? This advice isn’t limited to Linux VPS hosting reviews but it applies to any VPS review as well. In closing, when looking for VPS Linux hosting, do your homework. Take the time to sort through a wide variety of VPS reviews, talk to some webmasters and get involved in web hosting forums such as Sitepoint, WebHostingMadness and Web Hosting Talk. By taking these steps and doing your homework, you will find the best possible Linux VPS for your small business.