Cloud Storage Providers

What Do Cloud Storage Providers Provide?

In this day and age, when everyone is looking into Cloud solutions, one of the largest selling components of the Cloud is Cloud storage. Be it Dropbox, iCloud, Sugarsync or Amazon Cloud storage, online storage is all the rage these days. But, with all these options available to users, how does a user know which Cloud storage solution they should choose? The answer can be found in Cloud storage reviews, online storage solution pricing and by understanding the specifications of each storage provider.

Cloud Storage Providers Reviews

Like any solution worth its salt, the best idea for the user is to get a better understanding of the solution via unbiased reviews and in the online world, Cloud storage providers comparisons can be easily found by visiting forums. For the vast majority of Cloud and web hosting users, the best forum to visit is Web Hosting Talk. The forum gives web hosting users, new and seasoned, an avenue to chat openly and honestly about Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting and Cloud storage.

The main reason for frequenting a forum like Web Hosting Talk is to get unbiased reviews on solutions like Google Cloud Storage or free Cloud storage providers. It goes without saying, but if a consumer were to only take the word of their potential provider, the consumer would have a full picture of their provider. Once you get a better idea of your potential provider through Cloud storage provider’s comparisons, the next step is to understand Cloud storage pricing structures.

Is Cloud Storage Free? Are Free Cloud Storage Providers Worth Your Money?

Are their free Cloud storage providers? Yes. Are free cloud storage providers worth your money? Depends. The simple answer here is the vast majority of online providers like Google Cloud storage, offer free storage solutions however those solutions only go so far. For small to medium sized businesses and enterprise level companies, free storage won’t do. For larger, more complex companies, enterprise Cloud storage providers are needed.

Cloud Storage Specifications

Whether utilizing Cloud storage providers UK or domestic Cloud storage providers, before investing in a online storage solution, you need to understand the specifications of the plan. How much storage space does your provider offer? How much upload GB does your provider offer? How much download GB does your Cloud storage provider offer and does your provider offer easy share access to other users? These are all questions you need answered before investing money in Cloud storage solutions.