Google Cloud Computing

Let’s Chat About Google Cloud Computing

So, you’re interested in utilizing the Cloud however all you know about Cloud computing are Google Cloud computing applications like Gmail, Drive and Documents? The truth is, while Google Cloud computing is very popular (mostly because it’s the free Cloud), it isn’t the only Cloud on the block.

Google Cloud, iCloud, Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Cloud or Dropbox?

While all these Cloud providers offer viable cloud solutions, for a small to medium sized business looking to make the jump to the Cloud, none of the aforementioned options are smart. But why aren’t they smart? At the end the of the day, small to medium sized businesses looking to get a leg up on the competition need to invest in an enterprise level Cloud computing infrastructure offering multiple Cloud operating systems (Linux, Windows), a multitude of Cloud add-ons (Cloud Storage, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing applications) and a 24/7/365 team of IT Engineers to help you out of your Cloud jams. The truth is, Google Cloud, iCloud, Microsoft Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox and a variety of additional services who offer Cloud servers are too basic for enterprise scale Cloud computing. To truly get a leg up on the competition, to move beyond Cloud computing basics, your company needs to invest in a Cloud provider who offers Hosted Solutions (Hosted Voice, Hosted Email), round the clock technical support and access to more than 200 one click install applications. Solar VPS is that company. It would be silly to go elsewhere.