Cloud Computing Applications

Thoughts From Cosmo: Cloud Computing Applications

Here at Solar VPS, we take are commands from two people: our COO Star Commander Ross Brouse and his second hand man, Cosmo. Cosmo, for those of you who don’t know, is our little spaceman. He is constantly pushing Solar VPS forward to push the bounds of what the Cloud is. Now normally, the Solar VPS communications deck takes the lead on explaining Solar VPS Cloud services, but today, Cosmo is going to take it.

Gmail, Amazon Cloud, iCloud and Dropbox

Out here in space, constantly floating around, I need a myriad of Cloud computing applications to get my work done. Whether it be web 2.0 applications, SaaS applications, virtualization applications, when I need to get work done I access the Cloud. For me, the Cloud means one thing and one thing only: Internet access to software which let’s me get my daily jobs done. However, as you’re not floating in space, I wager you are utilizing Cloud computing applications to get work terrestrial work done. As bummed as I am that you can’t float on over to Jupiter for a swirling gas storm, I am here to let you know, when it comes to practical applications forget Gmail, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, Microsoft Cloud or the free cloud. For real Cloud computing applications, Solar VPS has what you are looking for.

Cloud Operating Systems, Full Customization and Cloud Security

When you utilize the Solar VPS SolarSystem, all the aforementioned specifics come with your Linux or Windows Cloud virtual private server. However, although the add-ons, the full customization of your Cloud OS and the price structure is amazing, what I really want to chat with you about it technical support. Again, I am up here in space just floating around drifting past the stars. And truth be told, I love it. However, due to my exploration lifestyle, I don’t have that much time to worry about fixing errors along the way. When I am exploring a new galaxy and an error pops up on the inside of my space visor, I want to have someone to call to resolve the problem. For this, I rely on the Solar VPS team of dedicated IT engineers. They know their Cloud computing basics. They know how to manage your Cloud operating system. They know how to supply your Cloud servers with Cloud security. The bottom line: they know Cloud computing.

Space: The Final Frontier

Sorry about the last header. I have been watching Star Trek a bit too much of late. But you know what they say, the become Kirk, you must mimic Kirk. I think they say that, well, not sure really. Anyway, back to Cloud solutions. The bottom line here is when you are making the move to the Cloud, you would be remiss not to choose Solar VPS as your Cloud provider. From everything mentioned above to the cheeky humor which I impart from time to time, Solar VPS is the only place for your Cloud servers to live. Forget Google Cloud Computing and Gmail, raise your Cloud game beyond the Clouds.