Cloud Solutions

Solar VPS Cloud Solutions: Let’s Talk about Your Cloud

Let’s get right down to it you need Cloud Computing applications to power your small to medium sized business. You know you need it. We know you need it. But you’re not sure what the Cloud actually is. You hear terms like Cloud operating system and Cloud computing basics, but you’re still not sure what Cloud Servers are or what Cloud Providers do. Well, we are going to flesh it out for you.

Cloud Computing Basics

Let’s settle this right now: the Cloud is a hot marketing term. It, Cloud Computing, is the ability for a consumer or business to store information in a hosting providers datacenter and access it anytime via an Internet connection. The Cloud isn’t an ethereal idea bouncing around in the sky. The Cloud, and Cloud providers (like Solar VPS) who tout moving into the Cloud, are simply saying: we will store your information, applications, software and data in our datacenter servers. For a fee, we will guard your data and provide you secure access to it via a stable Internet connection from anywhere in the world. So now that we have Cloud computing basics out of the way, we need to chat about the differentiation in Cloud services.

Dropbox, Goolge Cloud, Amazon Cloud and Solar VPS Cloud

For the majority of personal Cloud consumers, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, iCloud and Google Cloud computing are the most known form of the free Cloud. While both services are good, for small to medium sized businesses and large enterprise companies, forms of the free Cloud simply won’t do. When investing in the Cloud, companies of all sizes need a choice in Cloud virtual private server operating systems, an entire host of add-ons, Cloud storage options and full-blown Cloud security guarantees. Solar VPS provides all this at a great price.

The Silver Lining in the Cloud

When considering Cloud Solutions, for a small to medium sized business the only way to go is with a company like Solar VPS. As the Cloud and Cloud Computing are somewhat new terms in public life, the silver lining in the Cloud is simple: like any technology worth its salt, Cloud solutions will become more powerful, more affordable and more scalable over time. This evolutionary process will allow companies of all sizes to utilize their own Solar VPS Linux Cloud VPS to maximize their revenues and their proficiencies. So, we only have one question to ask: Why are you still reading considering the Cloud? Our little spaceman Cosmo knows it’s time for you to join the Cloud. You know it’s time for you to join the Cloud. Let’s go, get on it!