Virtual Private Cloud

Utilizing the Virtual Private Cloud with Solar VPS

First things first, before we begin to talk about the Solar VPS virtual private Cloud and our Cloud Computing architecture or our Cloud Computing services, we need to talk about what the virtual private Cloud actually is. Because for all the talk about Cloud software and Cloud networking, no one ever really explains what the virtual private Cloud actually is.

Virtual Private Cloud Definition

We don’t want to call anyone out here but the Rackspace Virtual Private Cloud is a great Cloud and yet, like the rest of a private Cloud hosting market, they never define what it really is. So here it is as defined by the experts over at Wikipedia:

“A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a private Cloud existing within a shared or public Cloud (i.e. the Intercloud).”

This being said, there is a difference between the virtual private Cloud and the public Cloud. Essentially, the private Cloud computing model allows users to access an entire privately held Cloud infrastructure full with virtual private Cloud security. The privately Cloud is different than the public Cloud in the sense that although both can be accessed and purchased by members of the public, the private Cloud allows companies or individuals to set up their own virtual private Cloud infrastructure with dedicated resources, high amounts of scalability and the ability to set up a virtual private network (VPN) for secure access to offsite Cloud locations. The aforementioned are virtual private Cloud benefits, however everything we said is a bit general. As such, let’s get a bit more specific with discussing the Solar VPS virtual private Cloud.

Solar VPS Virtual Private Cloud

Our virtual private Cloud is backed by the highest grade SAN storage, FortressITX infrastructure and is backed by the On App Cloud. With the highest throughput rates and a stellar team of round the clock IT engineers, the Solar VPS Cloud is built on the concept of elasticity, power and affordability.