The Benefits of Cloud Networking

Solar VPS Cloud Networking

So, by this time, everyone has already heard of the Cloud. Whether you actually know what the Cloud is or whether you know it is a hot marketing term pushed around by the Google Cloud and other various Cloud networking companies is irrelevant. What is of use is knowing that Cloud software powered by Cloud servers and Cloud networking solutions are of extreme benefit to the end user. But how are they of benefit to the end user? In this Internet centric world, the pooling of resources benefits all.

What is Cloud Networking?

Cloud networking, also called Cloud computing architecture, is the backend of the Cloud. Most users only ever access the front end of Cloud computing services – Cloud software like Gmail, Hotmail or Google Drive. However what most users don’t know is what goes into making those virtual private Cloud software’s possible is Cloud networking. So, all told, what is a Cloud networking definition? What are the main attributes of a great Cloud network?

1. Scalability

Like any Cloud computing services worth their salt, a sufficient Cloud network has to scale to the needed level of throughput. Without getting too deep into it, Cloud networking scalability means the SAN fabric behind the Cloud has to handle enough data packets to ensure the network does not go down. It also means the network has to be elastic enough to grow and shrink with demand.

2. Everyone Wants Fast Delivery of his or her Chosen Services

The Cloud is no different. One of the largest aspects of the Cloud is latency rates. Simply put, the Cloud network has to bring it’s solutions to consumers in millisecond time frames spanning the entire Cloud network. The faster the delivery, the better.

3. Downtime

Like any IT solution, downtime is not an option. In Cloud networking, the Cloud architecture cannot break or go down. If it does, end users will not be able to trust the Cloud networking companies supplying them with their needed IT solutions.

4. Patches

Upgrades. Fixes. Cloud networking, like Wolverine from X-Men, has to have the ability to provide its end users with real-time fixes, patches and upgrades. It has to be said, but Cloud networking startups who do not have this ability, are not to be used or trusted.

The Bottom Line in Cloud Computing

It goes without saying but when you are in the market for a competent Cloud provider, do your research on the solution. Aside from looking at Cloud networking wiki and visiting some Cloud forums, you might want to take some Cloud networking courses to learn everything you can about your solution of choice. Once you have done all this, you will have the ability to choose your Cloud networking provider confidently.