Cloud Computing Architecture

Solar VPS: Cloud Computing Architecture

The term “Cloud” is everywhere these days. Call it a marketing ploy or call it new technology, Cloud software and Cloud Computing services are all the rage. However, although the virtual private Cloud is everywhere, no one ever really talks about what the Cloud actually is. Well, today that stops. Today, without any marketing lingo or gimmicking, we are going to chat about Cloud Computing architecture.

What is Cloud Computing Architecture?

Without any tech lingo or marketing jargon, Cloud Computing architecture is the components and pieces needed to make Cloud Computing possible. These parts are made up of a front-end interface, back-end services (storage units, virtual private servers) and a delivery of services system (the Internet). All of these components make up the marketing term that is the Cloud. Now that you have an understanding of Cloud architecture (sometimes called web 2.0 architecture or grid computing architecture) let’s chat a little bit about Cloud Computing applications.

What are Cloud Computing Applications?

Cloud Computing applications are applications, programs and services that can be accessed via the Internet from a virtual private server. Cloud applications can be anything from a mobile video games (think On Live and SaaS architecture), a desktop based writing software (think Celtx) or tools to develop programming software (more commonly referred to as PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service). The essential benefits of Cloud Computing applications are, like the rest of the Cloud, on demand services which can be accessed via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Cloud Computing applications through Cloud networking allows end users all over the world to utilize their favorite games, stream their favorite movies and build new mobile apps without having to use any local hardware memory. With all these available services be accessible via the Internet, the issue of Cloud Computing security comes to mind.

What is Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud Computing security for Cloud Computing server architecture is a set of software and hardware firewalls specifically designed to keep the public Cloud and the private Cloud safe from unwanted intrusion. In terms of Cloud Computing system architecture, securing the Cloud means keeping unwanted user out by setting up various tunneling protocols via a VPN – a virtual private network. Although we are not going to venture into the complexities of a Cloud VPN, think of them as a pipe cut open at two ends. Cloud tunneling protocols effectively fill in the gaps on an open pipe to keep the outside world a bay. If you want to learn more about Cloud VPS or security measures, research the topic via Wikipedia. Another good topic to research, which we won’t cover here, is Cloud storage architecture. So now that you know something about Cloud Computing architecture, we suggest you continue to do your research into the Cloud. From learning about Cisco Cloud computing architecture to investing in some mobile Cloud Computing applications, the Cloud is here to stay, so it’s best to learn about it.