Solar VPS Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Solar VPS provides our clients with top of the line Cloud servers. Our virtual private Cloud utilizes the best Cloud computing architecture to power your Windows or Linux Cloud server hosting needs. But before investing in our SolarSystem Cloud software, take the time to learn about our Cloud server specifications.

Solar VPS Linux Cloud Computing Services

Our Linux Cloud computing servers are all about customization and choices. When you choose to utilize the Solar VPS Cloud, you get to determine how much RAM, bandwidth, disk space, CPU cores and IP addresses you need. Moreover, our Linux Cloud Virtual Private Servers give you the ability to choose between 32 and 64bit Linux operating systems. Our Linux OS’s include Gentoo, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu. And while all this customization is yours to decide upon, our Linux Cloud servers pricing begins at $5 per month. That’s right – our Linux Cloud VPS, while they are not free Cloud servers – begin at $5 per month. But what if Linux isn’t for you? What if you are a Windows kind of person? Well, for you, the Solar VPS SolarSystem offers Windows Cloud Servers.

Solar VPS Windows Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Just like our Linux Cloud VPS’s, SolarSystem Windows Cloud VPS’s are fully customizable. RAM, Disk space, Bandwidth, CPU cores and IP addresses are all determined by your needs. And, just like our Linux Cloud solutions, our Windows Cloud servers begin at the extremely cost effective and empowering price of $30 per month. While our Windows solution only offers one OS, Windows 2008 R2 64 bit, with our instant installs and 24/7/365 managed support team of IT engineers, our Cloud Windows solutions are nothing to sneeze at.

The SolarSystem

Here is the thing, when choosing Solar VPS, you are choosing everything which we have built into the SolarSystem. That means true customization, excellent pricing structures, powerful Cloud server add-ons and a 24/7/365 staff of IT engineers working to resolve your IT issues. Although we understand you already understand the difference between Cloud servers vs. Dedicated servers, you are choosing our Cloud servers because they allow you to utilize powerful VPS’s over pricy and outdated dedicated servers. And although we also understand your need to look into other solutions, like Cloud Servers Amazon, we know you will return to the SolarSystem for all your Cloud server and Cloud networking needs.