Virtualization Security

Solar VPS Virtualization Security

What is virtualization security you ask? It sounds like a fancy term but the truth is virtualization security is another way of saying Cloud computing security. Virtualization security issues are made up of the same Cloud security risks and issues which are consistent in any Public or Private Cloud setup. Those risks are comprised of data security, data backup and secure transfers of information via a tunneling protocol known as a virtual private network (VPN). However, for the sake of this article, we are going to chat more about the why of security in Cloud computing as opposed to the technical.

Security Issues in Cloud Computing are Very Real

Remember that time that Linkedin, the world’s biggest resume portal got hacked and all of it’s passwords were leaked? Remember that time when Gmail, Google’s own Cloud email hosting application got hacked and a large portion of its passwords were revealed to the public? Or how about that time when Twitter was the victim of hacking prompting a massive password reset? Yeah, these are all virtualization security risks and issues. As such, if a company as large and secure as Google can get hacked, who is to say your data, held behind an internal firewall, is safe? Let’s be honest here, for all the IT knowledge you have, as a small to medium sized business running a regional financial firm, IT security isn’t on the top of your lists of things you need to do on a daily basis. However, for Solar VPS and Cloud companies like us, it is. A simple reason to convert to Cloud computing security technology over your internal firewall is: we constantly worry about desktop virtualization security and virtualization security best practices on a daily basis. Moreover, we have and build the virtualization security tools needed to ward off hacking intrusions or illegal data mining operations.

What are Some Virtualization Security Benefits?

Let’s see, virtualization security benefits include:
  • Groups of highly trained IT engineers looking out for your data security
  • Groups of highly trained IT engineers deploying hardened and proven software and hardware firewalls to protect your personal/business data
  • Groups of highly trained IT engineers providing you with the latest virtualization security products to protect your sensitive data
  • Groups of highly trained IT engineers backing up your sensitive data on a daily basis
This said, the question is now becoming not if you should invest in Cloud computing security solutions, but why you still mulling over that question?

The Virtualization Security Checklist

While we can’t make you purchase our Cloud security services (you would be better off if you did) we can tell you what to look for in a competent Cloud provider in terms of security issues. Your virtualization security checklist in looking for a Cloud provider should include:
  • A privately held datacenter
  • Hardened software and hardware firewalls
  • Access to a virtual private network
  • Daily bit by bit data backup solutions
  • A team of stealer 24/7/365 IT engineers to resolve any issues which might arise
Simply put, if these five items are not on your Cloud security checklist, you need to take a long hard look at what your Cloud provider can provide you with. One more thing, even if you find an excellent Cloud security provider (Solar VPS is one!), you still have to secure your local area network (LAN). We can provide you with all the security you need yet if your LAN desktop is lacking proper anti-virus and security protocols, it can all go to pot. Happy Clouding!