Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Solar VPS Security Issues in the Cloud

In today’s Cloud based IT world, Cloud security is an issue every small to medium sized business needs to understand. As such, we are going to use this time to go over a few main issues currently impacting the Cloud computing community which you need to understand.

1. Get To Know Who Manages Your Data

Security in Cloud computing demands you utilize the services of a competent Cloud provider. That means trusting your provider with your and your client’s sensitive data. Before investing money into virtualization security, get to know your providers. Get to know their staff. Get to know their datacenter. You will be in a relationship with your provider, so learn everything you can about them.

2. Is Your Cloud hosting company compliant?

Depending upon the industry you work in, there are certain requirements a Cloud provider has to meet. In terms of Cloud computing security, this is no different. If you are in the legal field or in the medical field, ask the questions necessary to make sure your Cloud computing solution is up to date with every industry requirement.

3. Datacenters are Very Important

Hurricane Sandy proved this. Where your Cloud hosting provider’s datacenter is located is extremely important. To tackle any security issues in Cloud computing, your hosting company needs to have a datacenter located in an area which won’t fail due to natural elements. Finding out where your hosts datacenter is of great importance.

4. Data Backup

Outside of protecting your data from unwanted intruders, security in Cloud computing demands reliable and powerful data backup solutions. If, by chance, your provider’s datacenter does go offline, you need to know your data is safe and still accessible. If your Cloud hosting provider does not have a backup datacenter solution, you should look elsewhere.

5. 24/7/365 Cloud Security Support

Like any investment worth its salt, your Cloud provider should have 24/7/365 consumer support in case an issue should arise. Your provider needs to have a team of dedicated IT engineers on staff to deal with any issue which might pop up at 3 am. Because let’s be honest here, although you like security issues in Cloud computing and countermeasures, you don’t want to deal with a security issue at 3 am when you have to deal with high investment clients at 9 am. Before you decide to invest your money in a Cloud provider, look over the aforementioned list and ask the needed questions of your Cloud computing host. We promise you, even if you do not pick Solar VPS to host your Cloud, by asking and getting the answers to these questions, you will be able to sleep a little easier at night.