Security in Cloud Computing

Solar VPS: Security in the Cloud

Possible Scenario: You are a small to medium sized business that holds a ton of valuable customer data. Maybe you’re a financial firm. Maybe you’re a medical insurance firm. Maybe you’re a growing family owned legal firm. Whatever the case, you’re clients trust you with their financial, personal and private data. In return, it’s your job to keep your clients data safe and secure. To meet this goal, you rely on some internal servers and some basic software firewalls. The only problem with this is hackers and other trouble makers capable of hacking your systems regard your basic software firewalls without a care in the world. And so, to rectify this lack of regard, it’s time you invest in virtualization security technology. But before you make the investment in Cloud computing security, first you need to understand the security issues in Cloud computing. That’s what this article will serve to do.

What are the security issues with Cloud Computing?

The management of security in Cloud computing comes in two forms: internal security and external security. First, let’s tackle internal security. Before you can even think of moving to the Cloud you need to secure your local area network (LAN). Your LAN consists of whatever computing hardware you have onsite in your office. In most cases your LAN will consist of desktops, laptops, some tablets and an internal server or two (for email and phones). When thinking about Cloud computing security considerations, the first issue you need to tackle is installing hardened software and hardware firewalls on your LAN. Without these, intruders can break in and steal valuable client information. On top of basic firewalls, it would be smart to install data packet encryption solutions to ensure full security of sensitive financial data. Now that you have secured your LAN, it is time to start thinking about finding a stellar Cloud provider who can deal with every security issue in Cloud computing (Solar VPS is one!).

Cloud Computing Security Providers

Cloud computing security providers, like Solar VPS, are in charge of securing your sensitive data. Just as you, the company, have secured your LAN, Solar VPS and Cloud computing security companies like us are charged with deploying every measure available to make sure your data remains sensitive. To do this, just as you do on your LAN:
  • We deploy hardened software and hardware firewalls
  • We are constantly ensuring data storage security in Cloud computing
  • We are constantly investing in the latest and greatest virtualization security technologies
  • We are constantly reading, learning and mastering new technologies revealed in security in Cloud computing papers
  • Our team of stellar 24/7/365 IT engineers are a highly trained Cloud computing security alliance capable of fixing any issue which may resolve
  • Our team of IT engineers are constantly taking Cloud computing security workshops to keep their skills at the leading edge of the Cloud hosting industry

The Bottom Line in Cloud Hosting Security Measures

Whatever you decide to do, as a small to medium sized business looking for an avenue to secure your sensitive data, we urge you to do comprehensive research on the issues impacting Cloud security. By researching these issues and gaining a fuller understanding of Cloud security issues, you will be able to select a competent Cloud provider who will secure your data and make your life easier.