Solar VPS Cloud Services

Solar VPS: Your Home for Universal Cloud

In today’s economy, businesses of every size, shape and form are looking for way to increase their profits, cut down on the bottom line and become more efficient at the same time. For some companies this means cutting their workforce, for others it means cutting pay for employees but for smart small to medium sized businesses, it means investing in Cloud Services and Cloud Solutions. Solar VPS recognizes the shift in the market to the Cloud and we are here to provide you with the best Cloud Computing applications and solutions available anywhere on the market. But vagaries aside, what can the Solar VPS Cloud do for you?

Solar VPS Cloud Servers: Linux and Windows Cloud Providers

When making the move to the Cloud, companies need to know what they are getting. Well, with Solar VPS you get choice and Cloud security. The choice? Linux and Windows Cloud Virtual Private Servers. More choice: full customization of those Linux and Windows Cloud VPS’s. That’s right, with Solar VPS you can customize how much RAM, Bandwidth, Diskspace and CPU cores you need. Moreover, unlike some other Cloud providers who will charge you an arm and a leg for your iCloud, Amazon Cloud or Microsoft Cloud, the Solar VPS Cloud service begins at $17.50 per month (Linux). For Windows, your Cloud is almost a free Cloud – Windows Cloud VPS begins at $29.50 per month. With prices like these, the Google Cloud can eat its heart out. But what type of add-ons does Solar VPS offer for my new Cloud service? A whole lot.

Solar VPS: Everything Cloud Computing and So Much More

You see, here at Solar VPS, we have this little guy floating around all the time named Cosmo. Cosmo is our space man. He looks really friendly and really happy but underneath his helmet, Cosmo is a task master who doesn’t mess around. For this reason, when our team of IT engineers said they were done building our Cloud with multiple pods and high-tech hypervisors, Cosmo said no. When our IT Engineers said but everything can be customized, Cosmo demanded add-ons. And so, we added Cloud add-ons. This is what our Cloud offers:
  • Email Hosting
  • SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring
  • cPanel VPS Control Panel
  • Parallels Plesk VIrtual Private Server Control Panel
  • Softaculous One Click Script Installer
Beyond these options, Cosmo demanded our clients have access to Softaculous One Click WordPress, Joomla etc. installs. The truth is, we are currently working on these great blogging one click installs, but once they are done, Cosmo mandated we allow our customers to select from over 200 different one click installs. Cosmo is a tough cookie but he is always looking out for you. This being said, we are still surprised when we get the following question:

Wait? Why do I need Solar VPS? Can’t I just use DropBox?

DropBox, for all intensive purposes, is a great Cloud storage application. For Cloud storage and in some ways, Cloud security, DropBox is a phenomenal solution for personal consumers and individual salesmen working as a on-the-road team. But for true enterprise level Cloud security, DropBox isn’t the choice. To get full Cloud security, full Cloud servers, full Cloud solutions, Solar VPS has what you need. From full customization (specifications, Linux and Windows VPS operating systems and add-ons) to a highly trained team of IT Engineers fielding your tech issues to our loveable task master, Cosmo, Solar VPS is the Cloud you need because as our masthead says, we are hosting beyond the Cloud.