VPS vs Cloud

VPS vs Cloud

Technology can transform the way you do business. As businesses move away from the need to handle all IT functions in-house, they have some basic decisions to make. Cloud Computing is the direction technology is taking businesses. When you are ready to take that step towards a virtual platform, you will need to decide if a virtual private server or Cloud solution is best for your business needs. Deciding on VPS vs Cloud Computing solutions can be a complicated process. Not only do you have to know your current and future computing requirements, but you need a good understanding on how these two solutions work. Without this information, you are basically taking a shot in the dark which can prove inefficient and costly.

VPS vs Cloud: The Differences

When you are considering solutions, you have the choice of VPS vs Cloud hosting. With VPS your site is hosted within a larger server that houses multiple sites in separate virtual partitions. Cloud hosting is somewhat different because the Cloud server has greater capacity as a result of shared resources. The one you choose will depend entirely on the type of business you have and the kind of access you need. Many businesses are loyal to VPS, arguing that it is more practical and costs less. You are able to purchase the storage you need for a monthly fee. This makes it easy to budget for this particular solution. When you need more storage, you just purchase to the next level of service. Other businesses believe in the Cloud because you do not have to know exactly what you need in terms of storage and you only pay for what you use. This is why Cloud supporters believe this to be the better solution.

VPS vs Web Hosting

Most businesses today require web hosting services of some sort. In terms of VPS vs web hosting, there are more similarities than differences. VPS acts like a web hosting service. Your information is stored on a virtual platform. You pay to access that platform for your daily computing functions. Employees will do all of their computing this way. Your website and blog can be managed using this platform. Many experts believe that it is easier to manage your website using a VPS than Cloud web hosting services.

VPS vs Cloud Security

Another difference between the two is VPS vs Cloud server security issues. When you are not in physical control of a server, you have different security risks than with one housed at your company. The solution you go with must have appropriate security measures in place and they should prove it to you. If you do not verify security protocols, you are as responsible for a breach as the provider. You want to know their average down time. A detailed data restore processes should be in place so that if the server fails, your information will be back online in a reasonable period of time. Features of each type of solution can often be the deciding factor for businesses. Not only do you want a solution that is easy to use, but you want to know you can add options like a blog or forum. Cloud vs. VPS forum options do not vary in any significant way. The same holds true for a Cloud or VPS hosting blog although some argue that VPS is simpler to use. It often comes down to preference on the part of the customer. Keep in mind that you still need to consider your current IT staffing resources when selecting a virtual option. While they will no longer be responsible for the upgrading of software on computers and replacing hardware, you still need someone to manage your access to the virtual solution. They will need to help write the new use and security protocols for your company. And they will assist staff with setting up user accounts and passwords. You will need them to help staff with day-to-day questions about Cloud Computing.

VPS vs Cloud: Choosing Your Web Hosting Option

Choosing a virtual private server vs. Cloud solution should not be difficult. It can be reduced to how your data is stored and the cost to keep it there. Both are reliable alternatives as long as you work with provider that is reputable. Larger businesses often prefer the flexibility of the Cloud and cheap Cloud VPS solutions. If you plan to have your information accessed and used at a high rate, you have to consider the costs associated with that. The best solution is to find a provider that offers both solutions. They can help you choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Regardless of your ultimate choice, your business will truly become a virtual success.