Cheap Cloud VPS

Cheap Cloud VPS

Web-based technologies have opened up a world of possibilities for businesses. More business owners are using Cloud VPS instead of traditional in-house servers and networks due to their cost savings and IT capabilities. For your business to get the most from the ongoing transition from legacy systems to Cloud based solutions, you need to find the cheapest Cloud platform that provides the services and support you need.

OpenVZ & Xen

Two of the cheapest VPS solutions currently available in the web hosting industry are OpenVZ and Xen. Both VPS solutions allow for increased utilization of resources which is essential for growing businesses. While some virtualization technology can prove difficult to administer on a daily basis, both platforms are very easy to work with allowing users to:
  • Make CHanges to your VPS without any difficulty
  • Fix software failures with rapid reboot
  • Transfer data to a different machine (if hardware fails)
While there are similarities between these two systems, it is the differences that help businesses decide which is most suitable.

Differences Between OpenVZ & Xen

The performance of the two virtual systems can vary quite a bit. In some respects, certain users prefer one platform over the other due to past satisfaction or online expectation. With that in mind, here is a short list of the differences:
  1. Compatibility – XEN allows for more compatibility between established software solutions and operating system changes.
  2. Management Support – With OpenVZ, the server administrator is able to see and manage all processes within the system containers.
  3. Structure – Due to XEN’s consolidation structure, the server administrator has to access each container separately. Rather than a single mass update, individual updates have to occur.

Operating Systems Matter

When looking for cheap Cloud VPS hosting, you have to consider what type of operating system you want to utilize. In jest, most businesses don’t like switching operating systems because of the learning curve involved. During the time it takes your employees to learn a new OS (Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat etc.) your company can lose business or suffer in overall productivity. VPS hosting companies typically offer cheap Cloud Windows solutions as well as cheap Cloud Linux ones. However, there are certain VPS Cloud Server companies that specialize in one or the other.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing

When looking for the cheapest Xen VPS solution for your business, do your research before investing your money in one company. As you have many options currently floating around on the open market, you would be smart to take your time. Before choosing, your best bet is to thoroughly research the different companies that provide this service. Visit reputable review sites that keep customers apprised of the differences between companies, advantages and disadvantages of each and the types of cheap XEN VPS hosting services they offer. Check out VPS blogs and forums to see what industry experts and other business owners have to say about the different hosting services. Additionally do some general research to acquire a rock solid understanding of VPS vs Cloud, what virtualization is, what Xen is and what OpenVZ is.

Migration of Data

If you are currently using OpenVZ and decide to switch to a XEN solution, you will have to transfer your data. To accomplish this transfer, you will need to migrate OpenVZ to XEN using the appropriate supports. In most cases, depending on the provider, migration is usually available live or offline when necessary. Before transferring data, it is best to develop a migration plan so you have supports in place if anything should go awry. In addition, the migration should take place when your website has the least amount of traffic coming into it. In the case of a business, most companies announce their plans to migrate so employees and customers alike know what to expect when they visit the site at a specific time. It goes without saying but customers are more understanding if they have been notified in advance of upcoming changes or that a site will be unavailable because of “scheduled maintenance”. Regardless of how much you pay for your Cloud computing services, you should still expect high quality services from providers. These services include:
  • Easy setup and continuous access
  • Customer support and access to technicians (preferably 24/7/365)

The Bottom Line

Virtualization solutions are fast becoming necessary for businesses to succeed. A solution that is able to routinely complete specific tasks will keep your business in front of customers, simplify the way you conduct business and ultimately reduce the cost of doing business on a daily basis. If you currently do not have an advanced virtual solution, then you have already fallen behind your competitors. The Internet has dramatically increased competition for businesses. The rate of change needed to keep pace is extraordinary. You simply can no longer rely on the tried and true ways of the past. A Cloud VPS is the best way to bring your business up to speed.