Cloud Virtualization

The Benefits of Cloud Virtualization

Cloud virtualization entails the division of a physical server into several smaller servers, each of which acts as a virtual private server which users can utilize. A special kind of Cloud computing virtualization is VPS hosting (if you’re not sure what the Cloud is, click Cloud Computing Definition). VPS Hosting enables Cloud virtualization providers likes Solar VPS to give their customers the freedom to create virtual servers providing the same benefits as a physical server, but at a reduced cost, with quicker deployment times, and increased security. Below is a full list of benefits of cloud VPS technology.

It’s Secure

Professional Cloud virtualization vendors like Solar VPS own their datacenters, which are guarded 24/7/365. Nobody can intrude in the datacenter and steal, damage, or modify the hardware or the software. As to online attacks, VPS providers take security seriously by utilizing software and hardware firewalls, anti-viruses solutions and administrative rights to prevent vulnerabilities which hackers might exploit. The superior Cloud virtualization security provided by a Cloud VPS solution is best seen by contrasting it to a shared hosting solution. With shared hosting, the user accounts are intricately linked and the greatest danger is internal, as one user can get access to another user’s account and wreak havoc to the latter’s website. VPS creates separate hosting environments, reducing and sometimes eliminating altogether security risks related to application installation and database access.

It’s Affordable

With virtualized Cloud solutions a user rents a service which provides the resources required. As a condition of renting, the VPS vendor handles the technical aspects of hosting for you, from the hardware configuration of the server to the installation of the OS. In addition, maintenance is also taken care of by the hosting provider. While it’s true that all these add up to your monthly hosting fee, in most cases, a user only pays around $100/month for a VPS with top hardware and excellent bandwidth.At first sight, shared hosting is a cheaper alternative to VPS hosting, yet because of its performance limitations and security vulnerabilities, in the long run it generally costs you much more.

It Helps You Grow

Shared hosting comes with limitations that can hamper the growth of a website. Although dedicated hosting doesn’t have these limitations, it can prove but it’s quite expensive which can hamper growth. VPS, on the other hand, is somewhere in between the two, bringing together their best features. With a VPS solution, resources are cheap and easy to allocate and can be deployed whenever you need them. For websites with a lot of content, (video, text, music based), a VPS solution allows you to Increase your server’s storage space. The same ability applies to increasing bandwidth rates and loading times.

It’s Convenient

Top VPS solutions provided by Solar VPS come with:
  • Professional IT 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Advanced Monitoring Tools
  • Complete DNS Control
  • Multiple OS Choices
  • Billing and Invoicing Portal
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Plesk and cPanel Control Panels
  • SolarRay Monitoring
Another benefit of Solar VPS is setup time. On top of all the aforementioned benefits of the SolarSystem, setting up your VPS is a cinch.

It Can Be Scaled

Upgrading a physical server with hardware is a costly and often slow. Downgrading doesn’t cost money, but it takes time, and since it often requires a downtime, it doesn’t usually make sense. Thus companies can end up paying higher energy, security and maintenance costs for extra hosting resources it doesn’t really need. With VPS solutions the provider handles all the technical aspects for you, including system upgrades. And since you don’t really have to buy hardware, you pay much less in the long term. When you need more resources, you buy them. When you need less, you do a downgrade. No downtime. When it comes to website hosting, virtualization Cloud computing is definitely the future. That’s why a Cloud VPS offering is for many companies the best hosting solution option. Before you buy a VPS solution though, make sure you check a good Cloud virtualization wiki to learn What is Cloud Computing and to make sure the choice you are about to make is right for you.