Cloud Computing Advantages

Solar VPS Cloud Computing Advantages

Businesses are constantly improving their operating processes to increase efficiencies and profits. As new technologies are introduced, businesses now rush to see how those advances can be used to improve business outcomes. Cloud computing is proving to be increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for ways to improve your business processes while providing a user-friendly interface for customers, you have found it (click here for a quick Cloud computing tutorial).

Instant Gratification

One of the main Cloud computing advantages for business owners is the immediate availability of new technologies. With a legacy technology, business owners would wait for a product release, purchase it (if they had the money to do so), install it across his/her business network (if he/she knew how or called on an IT engineer) and wait for any issue to rear its ugly head (fixing it is an entirely different story). The Cloud services now available incorporate innovative technologies as soon as they can be applied to the platform model. Businesses no longer have to wait to purchase new software. With a Private Cloud solution, the provider takes care of all the software updates.

Connect From Anywhere

Another great advantage of the Cloud is the ability to access services from any device connected to the Internet. Regardless of location in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection, the Cloud can be accessed and utilized. Related to this is the convenience of virtual computing. With the Cloud, employees and bosses no longer have to be in the office to answer customer questions or trouble shoot account problems. By accessing the Cloud, employees can deal with customer concerns and pressing business matters from anywhere, at any time.

Scalability, Speed & Customization

Another major Cloud computing advantage is scalability and speed. The Cloud allows businesses to automatically scale their usage requirements. Automatic scalability is determined by the number of users in your business and the amount of data being stored. When those figures increase, so does your service. Conversely, services are reduced when you no longer have the traffic or require a larger amount of storage space. Cloud solutions allow for true real time customization. To remain competitive as a business owner, you need to make adjustments to your applications to reflect the changes in customer needs. Being able to give customers exactly what they are looking for by making a quick customization change is crucial.

The Cloud Reduces Cost

On top of all the benefits which the Cloud brings to businesses of all sizes, the main benefit is reduction in cost. The Cloud allows businesses to eliminate the costs associated with annual purchases of software and upgrades for servers. In addition the Cloud cuts down on costs by:
  • Supplying faster services to businesses than traditional internal networks
  • Streamlining Internal IT divisions
Businesses also need to know about Cloud computing disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the Cloud can be:
  • Security and Privacy – It can be very uncomfortable for a business owner to give their data to an unknown third-party provider.
  • Dependency on a 3rd party Host – Loss of control can be quite troubling for business owners. As a business owner, unless the terms are built into your contract, you will have little say in your host’s backup processes, nor will you know how prepared they are to implement disaster recovery procedures.
However, although these downsides do existing, the benefits of Cloud computing clearly outweigh the disadvantages. With Cloud computing you get the benefits of multiple delivery models combined with the latest technology for a solution which is perfect for nearly every business, especially those that handle internal processes and provide external services online. With the Cloud you get access to software, servers and network resources without having to buy them yourself. Additionally, you can build your own applications that meet the needs of your business. Understanding Cloud computing advantages and disadvantages is essential if you want to make good business decisions or see your business explode with new customers. Having the flexibility to make changes as you move forward is the best way to see your business grow. If you enjoyed this article yet still have questions about the Cloud, click Cloud Computing Definition.