Cloud Server

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Cloud Server

A free Cloud server service can be useful when used as a personal Cloud server, but it’s rarely sufficient for the high hosting demands of a business or organization. If your company or organization needs Cloud server hosting, then you should look at the solutions offered by professional Cloud server providers like Solar VPS. These services usually include Cloud storage and the ability to create a virtual server – making them much more powerful than shared hosting and much cheaper than dedicated servers. When you shop for Cloud hosting, here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

1. You Can Choose Your OS

A Cloud server hosting provider like Solar VPS lets you choose your own operating system. This freedom prevents any application compatibility issues enabling you to utilize all the Cloud hosting resources you have effectively. A Windows Cloud server is not the only choice. As an alternative to Cloud server Windows you have Linux as an alternative, with its excellent open source Ubuntu or Debian operating systems. You don’t have to buy a license to run these, so they help you cut costs.

2. You Get Plenty of Cloud Storage Space

Storage space in the Cloud is cheaper than storage space with a dedicated server because you don’t have to buy the hardware. Your Cloud server provider already has the hardware and they will lend it to you for a reasonable monthly fee. Having plenty of storage space is especially important if you run websites with large databases, like media sites full of photos and videos or e-commerce sites with hundreds of GB of product images and descriptions.

3. Scalability

Scalability is one of the biggest selling points of a Cloud server. Your provider can upgrade or downgrade your packages by adding or removing computing power, memory, hard disk space or bandwidth quickly according to your needs. If your website is expanding, a Cloud server is the right hosting solution for it, as it will allow the additional allocation of resources to cope with increased content and traffic. Amazon Cloud Server is one of the best examples of the awesome scalability of the Cloud.

4. cPanel With Linux is an Excellent Choice

Firstly, cPanel is cheaper than Plesk. Secondly, it’s highly customizable, enabling you to configure your Cloud server extensively and thus get the best possible hosting for your website. Thirdly, cPanel is backed up by an active community, which means that getting support from other users is extremely easy. Solar VPS offers attractive Cloud virtual server configurations with cPanel on several Linux-based operating systems.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Many companies who set up a Cloud server find the initial investment larger than if they would have chosen a shared hosting solution. That said, the performance they get is superior, at the same level with that provided by a dedicated hosting solution, which is much more expensive. Cloud hosting is a cheaper alternative to the latter, which helps you save thousands of dollars that otherwise you would have had to invest in hardware and/or IT staff.

6. Virtualization is a Big Advantage

Virtualization helps hosting providers as well as users to utilize hardware resources more effectively. For this reason, Cloud VPS tends to be the most effective hosting solutions for companies. With the use of advanced Cloud server software, VPS hosting offers unrivalled performance at a remarkably low price. Some hosts like Solar VPS go a step further and enhance control panels with extra features, like 24/7/365 customer support and advanced server monitoring, which improve the user experience tremendously.

7. Cloud Server vs. Dedicated Server: Cloud Server Wins!

A Cloud server offers the same performance that a dedicated server does, but comes with lower deployment and maintenance costs, as well as with greater convenience, since it can be scaled and customized faster. Although not all companies have yet adopted the Cloud, the adoption rate tends to grow yearly, especially among small and medium sized businesses who find the costs of running a dedicated server too high. Reading Cloud server reviews will help you better understand the many advantages that the Cloud has over dedicated servers. In the end remember to choose your Cloud hosting provider with great care, as not all providers offer you a virtualized private server, choices in OS or the possibility to customize hardware and software. Solar VPS lets you do all that, which is why you really want to check it out. Don’t forget to check Cloud server hosting reviews before buying anything. To find out more about how the Cloud works, navigate over to What is Cloud Computing?