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Six Ways to Grow A Small Business During the Pandemic

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

Small businesses were hit hard this past year during the Covid-19 pandemic. The struggle for most small businesses is that they rely more heavily upon localized traffic for their sales. During the shutdown, many small businesses were unable to keep their doors open, and profits plummeted. However, if you are a small business owner who has struggled throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, there are small things you can do that will make a significant impact on your sales. Solar VPS is here to help you learn more about what you can do to grow your small business despite the pandemic.  

Use Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

When it comes to marketing – both in-person and online – strategic plans can make a significant difference. You never want to market your business on the fly. Well-thought-out plans that are adaptable to changing times are a fantastic way to stay relevant and reach a wider audience. You and your business partners should have regular meetings to discuss and plan out your marketing goals. 

At these meetings, ask yourself some key questions. What products or services do you want to focus on? What is the message you want to convey to your customers? What is your budget for marketing? What platforms do you want to use to share your message? Once you have answers to these questions and other relevant inquiries, you can write a detailed, step-by-step marketing plan for the digital world.

Write Informative Blog Posts

Another way to quickly grow your business during the pandemic is through crafting detailed and informative blog posts. The content of these posts should have a targeted topic and message. However, you don’t want to write posts that are too long or begin to veer into other topics. When these posts are written well, they effectively inform your audience of your products and services. They show how knowledgeable you are about what your business can offer them, and are more personal than a simple product description or About Us page. It is a way to connect closely with current and future customers. It also allows readers to share the content through social media platforms, which can increase traffic to your site.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” By learning to effectively optimize what potential customers might be searching for, you can increase traffic flow to your website. More flow to your site also means a likely increase in sales. The basics of SEO rely on learning to choose targeted keywords and phrases you use throughout your posted content. Use these keywords correctly, and potential readers searching for those topics are more likely to interact with your content. 

Don't panic! Your small business can  still  thrive during the pandemic.
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Host Virtual Events

With the popularity of Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, and other video conferencing applications, hosting virtual events is now easier than ever. The pandemic may seem like the wrong time to host events to market your small business, but it makes some elements even easier. For instance, the costs of a virtual event are much lower than an in-person event that might have taken place before the pandemic. Use these video services to your advantage and interact more intimately with your customer base. Think of fun and interactive virtual events you can host. Don’t just speak to your audience in these events; try to find ways to engage your audience actively. You can use this time to collect surveys and ask your customers what they love about your business and what they might like to see change. 

Stay Connected with Other Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know the struggles you faced running your company during the pandemic, so don’t ignore others in a similar situation. Remember, networking is always a good idea, and it shouldn’t be put on hold because of the virus. Instead, find new ways to network and connect with other small business owners. By banding together, you can help ensure that others’ needs are met and that your community works together to protect your role in your neighborhood. 

See Things from Both Sides

Lastly, it is a good idea to reach out to your customers. Showing them that you see them as valuable individuals instead of just customers will mean a lot. Remember, they are people struggling in their ways during these challenging times, too. A caring and warm outlook can help everyone deal with difficult times and encourage them to continue supporting you as you support them. Offer flexible services, always put your customers’ health and safety first, and ask them for suggestions. People are more likely to support a small business that is personable and caring instead of being solely focused on its profits. 

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Are you a small business owner with questions about how to expand your business during the Covid-19 pandemic? Do you want to learn more about the services that Solar VPS offers? If so, we are here for you – just a phone call away. Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

Five Unexpected Ways to Use Your VPS Plan

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Small business owners, large business owners, new business owners, and well-established business owners can all benefit dramatically from Solar VPS’s multiple web hosting plans. At Solar VPS, no matter your enterprise’s needs, we have a plan that would fit you. 

As running a business advances into the modern age, companies are increasingly reliant on technology for the daily operations of their business. Web hosting is a growing sector for enterprises to help collect big data, send invoices, pay their employees, and handle other daily business operations. Most web hosting beginners quickly grasp the basic functions of their virtual server plan, but they may not realize there are other ways to apply their VPS plan. Here are five unexpected ways you can use your VPS plan from Solar VPS today. 

What is a VPS Plan?

A VPS is a virtual operating system nestled within a larger parent server. It operates by creating a host environment that can be easily connected to other electronic devices via another server. Another way to think about it is that it is imitating a physical server without actually being a physical server. VPS control panels have become one of the most popular choices of servers in the business and entrepreneurial worlds. 

Some Uses for VPS Plans                       

VPS can be used by both smaller and larger companies. VPS control panels are also a viable option for individual entrepreneurs. One may choose to use a VPS control panel for hosting websites, emails, web servers, and databases. 

Manage and Collect Big Data

VPS control panels are an affordable, reliable, and secure way for business owners to gather information, including massive amounts of data. They provide enterprises the capability to manage their data efficiently and effectively without the risk of crashes. Since they are more secure than public servers, they are also more secure against phishing scams, breaches, and data loss. They can be set up to back up data easily and are manageable even for those new to VPS plans. Since they are very scalable, they also help with data management as an operations database expands. 

Cloud-Based Application Hosting

One popular way to use your Solar VPS plan is in tandem with cloud-based applications. At Solar VPS, we offer clients over 260 cloud-based applications to choose from, including popular choices like WordPress, Drupal, and SugarCRM. 

You can easily customize your application plans based on your personal needs. Our options start as low as $5 for a wide array of applications and functions. This allows you to install applications within a second with super-high speeds; you never have to deal with glitchy connections again. We also know that it is important to you to secure your data connection. At Solar VPS, we have multiple options to back up your data – all on a secure and protected platform that enables your business to operate as smoothly as possible. 

SolarSystem Management Portals

Another unexpected feature of your VPS plan is the ability to manage your SolarSystem portals quickly and efficiently. We give you the ability to start, stop, and reboot your cloud application pod in the blink of an eye. You can also easily change your password whenever necessary without having to contact the specialists at Solar VPS. Our management platforms let you view your bandwidth usage graphs and upgrade/downgrade resources as needed. 

Furthermore, application management makes it easy to install apps, customize their configuration, install IP addresses or domain names, and integrate your cloud applications within those domains. Learn more about using cloud-based applications by contacting Solar VPS today. 

Database Management

You can also use your VPS plan to help with database management. Collecting data is only one facet of database management. At Solar VPS, we understand clients also need to be able to quickly manage their databases. All of our plans give customers the ability to quickly manage their database needs. This includes both simple and advanced mode operations, customizing your TTL settings, and managing various records. Solar VPS is here to answer all of your questions about your VPS plan today. 

Creating Websites

A bonus of VPS plans is the ability to create websites easily. You can even create websites and sell them to others, giving your business the chance to increase profits or expand your market efficiently. This may not be something that your business needs at the moment, but it is a helpful tip to keep in mind should you ever decide to broaden your horizons. Creating websites is something most business owners tackle at some point in the early stages of their company. VPS plans make the entire process easier for entrepreneurs and large enterprises alike. Solar VPS excels at helping businesses create a functional and fruitful website for their customers to interact with. 

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Solar VPS is here for all of your web hosting needs. We understand that you need a fast, reliable, and secure VPS plan to ensure the smooth operations of your business. At Solar VPS, our plans are adaptable and flexible to enable our clients to affordably pay for what they need. Join our network of satisfied clients. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

Hacking Prevention: How a VPS Can Reduce Hacking Risks

Hacking prevention is a very important element of smooth business operations.
Image by Javad Rajabzade from Pixabay

Nobody wants to put their business’ sensitive information and data at risk, but hacking scams are a real threat. While there will always be a possibility of hacking, phishing, forced entry, and brute force attack scams, business owners can do many things to protect themselves from these risks. Having strong passwords and antivirus software is an excellent starting point, but sometimes, these precautions alone are not enough to stop the bad guys. At Solar VPS, we want to help your business excel at security. All of our VPS plans are protected and secured to ensure you can efficiently and safely proceed in all your business matters.

What is a VPS?

When your business is accessing its hosting needs, the first thing to consider is a virtual personal server versus a cloud-based public server. A VPS is a virtual operating system that rests within a more extensive parent server system. Since it is not cloud-based, it is automatically more secure, as only designated users can access it. One way to imagine a VPS server working is as an emulation of a physical server. In other words, it can mimic other servers within one shared server. For their ease of use and secure connections, VPS control panels have become one of the most popular choices for servers. 

VPS Hacking Prevention

At Solar VPS, we want to help you protect all your business’s personal information. Not only do our VPS plans come equipped with standard top-of-the-line antivirus software, but we also implement regular security scans. In addition to these procedures, Solar VPS is here 24/7 to answer any of your questions related to security and smooth business operations. Let us help you succeed safely. 

What You Can Do For Hacking Prevention

In addition to Solar VPS’s numerous steps to ensure a safe connection, there are many things you as a user can do to reduce the risk of hacking. Hacking prevention happens on many levels, so it’s best when all elements work together to create a tightly woven, safe connection. Some of the most powerful steps of hacking prevention start with you as a business owner and a firm understanding of your Solar VPS connection. 

Keep Software Up-to-Date

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of hacking is to keep your software up-to-date. Solar VPS makes this easy with regular software updates to all of our plans. Outdated software is an easy target to infiltrate by all sorts of hacking and phishing scams. Schedule regular updates so you don’t have to worry about remembering to update your software. 

Monitor Your VPS Logins

Another critical step in security is monitoring your logins. By monitoring your logins, you can see everyone who has accessed your VPS within any given time. This also makes it easier to determine whether someone hacked into your system after the fact, although the point is to avoid this in the first place. Solar VPS makes it easy for you to track and monitor all of your VPS login activity so you can report any suspicious logins immediately. 

Control User Access

This idea goes well with the concept of monitoring your logins. This means you should only give people access to the files and applications that they need to perform their job duties. It also means making sure to properly remove people and change passwords after someone leaves your company. This is important, since upset employees who may have been let go could potentially leak sensitive data if not appropriately removed from these systems. 

Stop Brute Force Attacks

Hackers know the ins and outs of the computer world. This means they know how to detect weaknesses and when to use these against your company. Weak passwords are one way that hackers can gain access to your VPS account information. At Solar VPS, we also have included software that helps warn users about these brute force attacks. It can stop the attacks and warn you of suspicious activity to help keep your sensitive data protected. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Protect Against Malware

You should also invest in malware protection. Luckily for you, this comes standard with all of our Solar VPS plans. Malware protection ensures that no hacking attempts are being made through files already in circulation or installed on your computer. It serves as a warning signal for any suspicious activity. 

Perform Regular Backups

Another critical step is to regularly back up your information as a precaution should anyone hack your account. This will ensure that you still have all of your personal information and data necessary for business purposes. It will also make it easier to add additional antivirus software to protect against hackers while still performing daily operations. 

Contact Solar VPS Today

Solar VPS is here for all of your web hosting needs and business needs. We understand that you need fast, reliable, and secure connections to efficiently carry out your business operations. Security is a priority for all that we do at Solar VPS; you can rest assured knowing we have your back. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information.

Five Ways That SEO Can Drive Traffic to Your Site

Are you an independent entrepreneur, business owner, or individual looking to increase traffic to your website? If so, this post helps you to learn about search engine optimization or SEO. SEO can increase the flow of traffic to your website in several ways, and it’s relatively easy to learn the basics. At Solar VPS, we want to help you and your enterprise succeed. We are here to help you learn all you need to know about SEO to drive a larger amount of traffic to your website. 

What Does SEO Do?

Search engine optimization’s (SEO) ultimate goal is to help your website appear higher on the search engine results page. This directs a higher amount of traffic to your webpage. There is always a certain amount of organic traffic flowing to your site daily; this happens because of people searching keywords that appear on your site or blog posts. These keywords lead them to your website and increase the flow of traffic in the long run. 

You can also add paid search engine traffic to optimize the flow of traffic to your site. Depending on what your goals are as a business owner, you may want to consider adding a paid promotional SEO feature, but it is not always necessary. Using strong SEO keywords and learning the basics of SEO can increase traffic to your site without the need for paid SEO options. Organic traffic comes from your site’s social media, Google searches, newsletters, and blogs. Sometimes this route takes longer to establish a large following, but it can also save you money that is better allocated elsewhere within your enterprise. 

What Can SEO Do For You?

Now that you understand what SEO is and its general purpose, here are five major ways it works to drive higher traffic flows to your site. Keep in mind that each of these might be more or less applicable to different business and entrepreneurial needs; nevertheless, SEO works the same across all types of sites, so it is worth noting the different ways it works, no matter your needs. 

It Targets Keywords

Learning how to properly use SEO keyword analysis is probably one of the most important steps to driving increased traffic to your site. One way to approach keyword analysis is to think of what the main audience you are trying to reach is. For example, if you own a bakery that specializes in wedding cakes, your key audience might be brides-to-be. Perhaps you wrote a blog post about customizing wedding cakes and the options you offer your clients. In this case, some possible keywords would be brides, wedding cakes, customize wedding cakes, or wedding bakeries. 

Each of these may or may not be the optimal keywords for your post, but it gives you an idea which words might be useful in driving traffic to your site and reaching your target audience. More traffic to your site usually means more business and higher profits. Therefore, mastering keyword analysis can majorly impact your business. 

Creating Targeted Content

SEO can also drive more traffic to your site by allowing you to create targeted and strong content. The more precise you are in your content, the more likely it is your SEO will help you increase your site’s traffic. You can learn more about how to write targeted content by reading up on tips to write successful blog posts. This is just one way to ensure that your site’s search engine optimization is functioning at its highest level. Weak content will lead to weak SEO quality, so strong content will help increase your site’s traffic through SEO. 

Using SEO best practices can help your site appear higher on search engine results.
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

It Reaches Wider Audiences

One of the best aspects of SEO is that it reaches a wider range of people than your website might otherwise reach. It may even reach people who are not necessarily searching for your business-specific services or products. This is wonderful, because it introduces new groups of people to your site who may in turn share your business info with others. It easily spreads information in the blink of an eye, creating a ripple effect that adds even more traffic to your site. In the long run, SEO can create a wider community of customers for your enterprise fast. 


Another thing you can do to use SEO to your benefit is learning how to effectively implement backlinks. Backlinks are often posted on another website’s blog posting, referring readers to the services your business may offer. For example, using the wedding cake business above, this may be an external site that is writing about the best bakeries in the area. One of the backlinks it could include would be a link to a blog post on your site about the custom wedding cakes you offer. This is just another facet of SEO that allows a wider array of people to interact with and discover your site. In this case, your audience might not be directly searching for your keywords, instead exploring bakeries in general. In doing so, they may stumble across a backlink to your site and become part of your growing customer base. 

Meta Descriptions

These small snippets added to your site’s SEO block can make a major impact on your site’s traffic flow. This is an easy way to share with your potential readers exactly what the intent of your site or blog post may be. They are concise. They are easy to write and will ultimately sift out unnecessary content from users’ engine searches, bringing them to your content more easily. Don’t underestimate the power of these brief but powerful descriptions.

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Solar VPS understands that increasing the traffic flow to your website is essential to your personal and business needs. We offer a 24/7 support system where we can answer all of your web-related questions, including inquiries about SEO. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information.

A Crash Course in Disaster Recovery

Three black floppy disks stacked on top of one another
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. If it’s been several years since you’ve updated your plan, now is a great time to take a second look. If your business has any kind of online presence, then it carries some risk of data loss, no matter how small your business may be. 

Still, when it comes to data protection and backup plans, a lot of business owners find themselves at a loss. Where exactly do you start? And what makes a disaster recovery plan so important? Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you need to know. 

Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan 

Obviously, major corporations need disaster recovery plans. After all, they use a lot of data and have a lot of digital assets that require protection. But do SMBs really need comprehensive plans, and is the need really that urgent? The answer to both questions is yes, and here are some reasons why. 

Every Business Uses Data 

Again, if your business exists online, it generates digital data. It probably also collects data from clients. Your business has a responsibility to protect that information. If you run a small or medium-sized business, you may not use or generate as much data as a global corporation, but you still work with valuable data. 

Hackers Target Vulnerabilities 

Your SMB needs a disaster recovery plan as a protective measure against hackers. Hackers don’t always target the largest online businesses. In fact, more often than not, they’ll look for smaller options. Hackers expect large corporations to have lots of protections in place. They also know that SMBs tend to have fewer protections. SMBs, therefore, make easier targets with faster payoffs. 

Get Back to Business Fast 

Disasters come with high costs, and one of those costs comes from delayed business. If disaster strikes your company, you may have to pause your work while you address that disaster. If you have a documented recovery plan, that pause won’t last for too long because you’ll already have a step-by-step guide to getting back on track. On the other hand, if you don’t have a recovery plan, you’ll have to figure everything out as you go. The latter option takes a lot longer than the former, and it can put business on hold for longer than you can afford. Creating a recovery plan takes some work up front, but that work could save you a lot of time when it matters the most. 

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan 

You know that your business needs a disaster recovery plan. Next, you’ll need to know where to start. If this is your first time creating a comprehensive recovery plan, have patience with the process. Make sure that you don’t rush through any of the following steps. The more thorough your process is, the more effective your plan will be. 

Assess Your Hardware, Software, and Data, a US government organization dedicated to disaster preparedness, recommends that you start by taking inventory. Work with your IT team, and do a complete assessment of your company’s hardware, software, and data. This way, you’ll gain a complete understanding of your data assets and their potential vulnerability points. It’s important that you don’t skip this step. Forgetting a piece of hardware or software is easier than you might think, and if you forget to catalog something, you may leave that asset vulnerable. 

Create a Data Backup Plan 

Next, create a backup plan for everything in your company that stores data. Your disaster recovery plan should include a second copy of your important data so that you can retrieve that information in case of loss. Ideally, you should store the backup copies in a separate location from the original data. This way, if your data is struck by a physical disaster such as a fire or flood, your backup data will remain at a safe distance. 

Perform Regular Data Backups 

Of course, a single backup won’t create a truly effective disaster recovery plan. Your data will update, and you’ll gain additional data. That’s why it’s important to perform regular data backups. Make sure that you build these regular backups into your plan. It’s also a good idea to revisit your data plan once a year or so and go through each step one at a time. This way, you can keep protecting your data even as you gain new hardware and software. 

Document and Save Your Plan 

As you solidify your disaster recovery plan, document that plan and keep it in a safe but accessible place. Your IT team members should also know how to access the plan. 

Cloud Storage as a Data Backup Tool 

artist-rendered image of five clouds

Having backup copies of your data is perhaps the most important part of keeping a disaster recovery plan. Thankfully, you have a lot of options that you can use for those backups. Some business owners use additional hardware, for example, and keep that hardware at a separate location. 

Others use cloud backups instead. recognizes cloud storage as a simple and cost-effective solution. Cloud storage can also help you save time, since you can use it to implement automatic backups and updates. As a result, you can simplify your post-disaster options and recover lost data without hassle. 

Implement the First Steps 

If you choose cloud storage for disaster recovery reasons, you’ll still want to choose the right service provider. Some cloud providers are better than others. For example, the right cloud provider will have specific protocols to protect its hardware from fire, theft, and other potential disasters. 

Your cloud service provider should also give you options. For example, Solar VPS provides options for Windows Cloud, Linux Cloud, and even cloud apps that our clients can pick and choose as they need. Affordability also matters, which is why Solar VPS provides services starting at $5 per month. 

Finding the right cloud service provider and implementing a disaster recovery plan can be daunting. The important thing is getting started. Start by taking a look at your cloud options now. Once you do, backing up your data becomes simple. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Big Data in 2021

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

Data analysis and big data are the backbones of today’s current economic and technological landscape. More businesses are looking for web-based services to operate and manage their business efficiently and securely. However, for beginners, the world of big data can seem daunting and confusing. Have no fear – Solar VPS is here to help with a simple beginner’s guide to big data in 2021. 

What is Big Data?

“Big data” refers to a rapidly-growing field of study that focuses on how businesses can analyze information from data sets that are too massive to be analyzed with traditional data-processing software applications. Most data software can handle an extensive amount of data processing faculties, but we are crunching massive amounts of data every day. This is why big data management is becoming increasingly critical – not just for large industries, such as Facebook and Netflix, but also for small business owners. 

Big Data Analysis 

Along with understanding what big data is, you should also understand the basics of big data analysis. Big data analysis is a complex series of interconnected processes including capturing data, storing it, and then parsing it to gain crucial insights. Since big data is a high-volume source of information, you also need a system that can sift through large amounts of data quickly. One should also note that a diverse amount of data might be collected, and not all simple data software can handle a wide array of data information and statics at once. 

In a more modern context, big data also works closely with predictive analytics software and user behavioral analysis software, both of which extract information quickly from various data sets. Furthermore, mobile phones are a popular mode of collecting big data. Data can be collected on smart devices through cameras, microphones, wireless sensors, and software logs. Therefore, due to the enormous amounts of data input being collected in the modern world, business owners often need a skilled specialist to help them analyze big data. Solar VPS is here to help your enterprise with all of its big data needs. 

Why Big Data Matters

Having a large amount of data input may seem like a key sign that your business is thriving, but this is not the most important factor. Having large data collections is wonderful only if your business is able to utilize them to help your sales or services excel. Big data offers entrepreneurs and business owners the chance to glean useful insights that can lead to improvement in their strategic business plans. 

The Three Vs

Big data can be broken down into three main components, which have come to be known as the three Vs. 


Volume, as mentioned above, simply refers to the fact that big data comes with a high volume of information. The convenience of multiple collection methods in today’s day and age has only increased the volume of big data exponentially. 


Data is not limited to certain formats. Data comes in many formats, both structured and unstructured. It can be numeric or text-based. Data is found in emails, videos, audio clips, financial transactions, and even photographs. 


As the internet has expanded, so has the demand for fast speeds. Big data must be processed quickly to help businesses operate optimally. 

What You Can Do with Big Data

If your business can collect big data, then you have a lot of opportunities to improve your business operations at your fingertips. You can use big data to help find areas where costs can be reduced, time can be saved, and new products could be developed. And since a lot of big data in 2021 is collected via social media outlets and smart devices, you can quickly learn what products might appeal to your customer base. Furthermore, big data can help you fix glitches in your business operations. It may also help you detect signs of fraud which could put your entire enterprise at risk. 

Big Data in 2021

The world of big data is constantly evolving with the modern world. In 2021, big data interacts with a vast ecosystem of technology, including cloud services, servers, data centers, and evolving software applications. 

Tips to optimize your big data usage include being aware of how these new technologies help you collect important business data. It’s a good idea to have someone on your business team who is well versed in various IT infrastructure and functions. This person would be a great resource to help you navigate your big data analytics as they expand. Solar VPS is an option for business owners looking to learn more about how big data can help their enterprise flourish. 

Contact Solar VPS Today

Solar VPS is here for all of your web hosting needs. We know that big data may seem like a daunting concept for newbies. However, the topic is not as complex as it appears; it can easily be learned quickly with the proper guidance. This beginner’s guide is just a glimpse at the world of big data, but Solar VPS is also here to answer your questions. We also take data security very seriously and want to help you protect your information. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

What to Insist on in a Web Hosting Partner

Web hosting has become increasingly popular among business owners looking to boost their operations. However, starting in the world of web hosting can be a little difficult for beginners. When creating your web hosting enterprise, you want to establish a strong foundation with a reliable web hosting partner. Finding the right web hosting partner for you does not have to be complicated; you should remember that your needs as a business owner should come first. Solar VPS is here to help you navigate the world of web hosting step by step. Here are some elements you should consider and insist on when searching for your web hosting partner.

What is a web hosting partner?

If you are entering the world of web infrastructure, the different terminology you hear can seem overwhelming. In terms of web hosting, a web hosting partner refers to any third-party company that helps your business with web hosting services. A web hosting partner provides services that include running data centers, organizing and granting you access to various cloud platforms, and providing excellent data security for your business operations. 

Web hosting provider gives 6 tips for creating good content
Image by Negative Space on

Brainstorm your needs

Before you even begin looking at different web hosting partners, you must assess what your company’s needs are. Not everyone needs the same range of services, especially if you are a smaller business starting. You can continually expand and add various options later if you decided they would be helpful. Therefore, it is essential to write a list of your enterprise’s needs and some primary financial restraints. This will help you narrow down your search for a web hosting partner from the outset. It will also teach you how to ask potential companies the right questions when you begin your search process. 

Choosing a web hosting partner

As you begin the process of selecting a web hosting partner, keep in mind your list of critical needs. Additionally, there are some general guidelines and priorities you should insist on with any web hosting company. 

  • Reliable Servers

When you are trusting a web hosting partner with your business-sensitive data, you must have reliable servers. The last thing you want is servers crashing or becoming vulnerable to data breaches when you need them most. 

  • Data Security

This should probably be at the very top of your list when insisting on critical features in a web hosting partner. If your data security is at fault, you could risk exposing clients’ personal information and essential business data. To protect your company’s future, make sure you find a web hosting provider known for their data protection. Solar VPS offers clients a fast web hosting platform with increased data security measures. 

  • Affordability

You want a service that is reliable and secure but at an affordable price. Check out Solar VPS’s numerous pricing options to find what is right for you today. Never compromise quality or your wallet. 

  • Timely Support System

Web hosting can pose several challenges to newbies, so you must work with a partner who’s there for you. Most web hosting services are helpful initially, but then become distant as problems arise in the future. It’s a good idea to mandate that your web hosting partner is available to help you with all of your needs. Solar VPS is available for clients 24/7 to answer all your questions.  

  • Fast Speeds

Part of web hosting is being able to quickly and efficiently carry out the ins and outs of your business. You can’t operate a business well without fast connection speeds; therefore, it is worth considering web hosting partners with high ratings on their infrastructure speeds. 

  • Reliable Backup System

You never want to run the risk of losing all of your business’s critical information. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a reliable backup system. Your web hosting partner might offer various options for backing up your data to help you ensure all your needs are met. 

  • Easy to Navigate

Having an easy-to-navigate web hosting landscape is especially important for those new to web hosting. Make sure to put web hosting companies like Solar VPS at the top of your list for their high rating with easy navigation. 

  • Guaranteed Uptime

You don’t want to risk losing valuable time and money with crashes. When searching for a web host provider, make sure you look for one with a high guaranteed uptime to keep your business’s operations running smoothly. 

  • Scalability

You never know what your future web hosting needs will be. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a web hosting provider that offers a wide swath of scalability capabilities. Scalability makes it easier for you to add or subtract various services as you need them in your business enterprise. Solar VPS offers numerous plans which are easily scalable for all of your needs. 

Remember that your web hosting needs may differ from other enterprises, so you don’t want to model your hosting system off different businesses. It’s best to consider your enterprise’s needs and then search for a web hosting partner, like Solar VPS, that offers those services for you. 

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