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Three Questions to Ask Your VPS Provider about Data Security

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Data security is one of the top concerns of businesses and website owners. Even though you can create the toughest passwords for users, good data security runs deeper. If you are considering a virtual private server (VPS) for hosting your website or blog, you need to know what measures are in place to protect your data. Here are three questions about data security you need to ask your VPS provider.

What Software Is Involved with Data Security?

Before diving into specifics on data security, your provider should be able to explain how your data is stored.  A VPS is run using hypervisor software, which manages the data and memory.  The hypervisors ensure that specific processes and data are kept separate between different VPS. All the control processes are run from this software, too. The hypervisors should have numerous security features built in, such as a firewall. Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorized access to a private network. Be sure to ask your provider to explain all the security measures available with purchasing a VPS.

What Makes My Data Vulnerable?

Another great question to ask your VPS provider is, “what will make my data susceptible to a security breach?” A quality provider will be able to give you tips on how best to keep your data secure on your end of things. For example, one of the easiest ways to avoid security issues is to only run the software that you need. Make sure that you do not have extra, unused software taking up precious memory on the server. The more software you have, the more opportunities for a breach. Another great tip is to make sure you have strong passwords for any user accounts accessing the website or server operations.

Can I Upgrade for Extra Data Security?

If you are concerned about data security, ask your provider about upgrading certain server features. Different providers may or may not be able to customize your VPS to have increased security measures. However, at the very least, your provider should be able to provide a lot of information and tips on how users can increase the security of the website or server on their own. If you find that your provider cannot provide useful information, it might be time to find a new place to host your website data.

Here at Solar VPS, we take data security seriously. Our team is expert in the latest cyber security needs for servers. We have many options available to help you customize your cloud VPS hosting experience.  Visit our website to learn more about our services today.

Use VPS Templates to Increase Productivity and Close Deals

VPS templates

If you are looking for new ways to increase website efficiency, then VPS templates might be the way to go. VPS is a type of webhosting that can provide more resources and power than just a traditional shared-server hosting service. You can also have a dedicated VPS for your website. Using templates makes some of the website to server communications run more smoothly. This article will discuss why using VPS templates can help increase productivity for your website and business.  

VPS Templates for Today’s Technology

VPS stands for virtual private server and is a secure hosting service for websites. VPS are great for a variety of webpages, such as company websites, downloadable software, blogs, online cloud data storage, and private email servers. VPS templates are useful for websites that want to automate some of their processes.  You can apply VPS templates to websites hosted on shared or dedicated servers.  Database and mail servers are common aspects of websites to begin with when using VPS templates.

Increase Productivity with VPS Templates

No one wants to reinvent the wheel, and the same goes for websites. Creating and using VPS templates allows you to create and store data quickly on your website without having to reinstall certain software and apps each time. VPS templates still allow for database and software customization, so your website doesn’t get boring. Ultimately, you can do more in less time using templates.  By increasing productivity, you can decrease stress levels and get back to enjoying your website.

Save Money in the Long Run

Having a dedicated server for your website can be costly. Choosing a VPS option still provides adequate amount of power to run your website and necessary cyber security to protect your data.  Furthermore, VPS templates can streamline website creation and software-related processes.  Using templates to automate processes helps save you money because you do not have to pay employees to manually do the tasks. If you are self-employed, these options will make your life more efficient and less stressful.

If you want to run your website more efficiently, consider using VPS templates. We know that there will be a learning curve, so let Solar VPS be your guide.  Our dedicated experts are happy to walk you through the benefits of VPS services and get you started today. Solar VPS is here for website hosting and dedicated private server needs to elevate your website and business. Visit our website to learn more about services today.

How Much Does a Virtual Private Server Cost?

Computer with lights If your website is looking to take the next step in elevating user experience, then you want to consider a virtual private server.  Virtual private servers have dedicated hosting services and allow you to build more complicated sites with customizing options. Solar VPS has thousands of clients taking advantage of using private servers. Not sure about the cost? Read on to learn more.

Virtual Private Servers for Beginners

Websites that use virtual private servers typically have a dedicated host, which means the website has a dedicated server to keep the site up and running. These virtual private servers are different than shared servers. With a shared server, the server hosts multiple websites/domains that all share bandwidth and power. With a virtual private server, your website does not have to compete with other websites, slowing down speeds or decreasing power dedicated to your site. The major advantage is not having to share resources and increased cyber security.

Pay More, Get More

Utilizing a virtual private server with dedicated hosting means your server has its own operating system.  In turn, because more resources are allocated to your website with this privacy, the cost is more expensive. The cost will vary for these services, with most running anywhere between $50-$500 per month.  For some high-traffic websites with complicated algorithms, using a private server can be even more pricey. However, the dedicated services to help troubleshoot with your website can justify the cost.  Another reason to pay more for a private server is increased security.  With private servers, your IP address is less likely to be blacklisted and your site is less likely to be hacked by an external user.

Making the Most of Virtual Private Servers

Dedicated private servers are useful when websites require special software or applications. You can customize more settings than if you were using shared-hosting services and sharing a server. Dedicated servers are best utilized by those who have technical knowledge, like software coding and website building.  If you are looking for basic website services, then using a virtual private server might not be the best use of your funds.  But if your website needs complicated applications or you want to ensure that other website traffic cannot impact your own website, then having a virtual private server is key. Hiring Solar VPS to handle your website hosting and dedicated private server needs can elevate your website and business. If you are looking for more options to add applications or software, yet can reboot when needed, this is the route to go. Our experienced technicians are ready to help. Visit our website to learn more about our services today.

What to Expect from Windows VPS When You Move to the Cloud

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When you use a Windows virtual private server (VPS), you get to enjoy all the benefits of hosting without paying for dedicated servers. You don’t need to make any special hosting arrangements to make sure your website or ecommerce are functioning properly. When you move your Windows VPS to the cloud, you likely are moving from a dedicated host to a provider with more resources. That’s great news for organizations that want to scale and keep their operations secure. You get more reliability and can leverage your provider’s resources as you grow. Here are some of the main benefits of Windows VPS when you move to the cloud. 

Increased Security

When you work with a dedicated server, a lot is riding on whether it stays safe and updated. If something goes wrong with the server, it can shatter your operations, leak customer or technology information, and cause reputational damage to your organization. When you move to the cloud, your servers are located in secure data centers. There are multiple failover systems that keep any disruptions from taking down your website or other software. Cloud providers dedicate a lot of resources to make sure their machines are up to date and not susceptible to outside risks. 

Windows VPS in the Cloud Is Scalable

Technology changes can be a challenge for a lot of businesses and other organizations. Sometimes, technology systems aren’t compatible, or your employees are resistant to changes. A lot of times, companies end up using multiple technology systems because they are afraid of letting go of legacy software.  With Windows VPS in the cloud, you get to grow in step with your company and use the same systems. Your cloud provider will allow you to grow or shrink your technology resources based on demand. You don’t have to overspend on technology infrastructure. That means you keep more resources in your company and can use them for driving growth.  SolarVPS is a cloud provider that helps organizations with Windows VPS hosting. We can tailor technology solutions to you that make sense and add value. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud hosting. We’ll be there to walk you through expectations and troubleshoot any issues. Soon, you’ll be enjoying a more secure, smooth operating environment for your company or team.  If you’re interested in hearing more about what VPS and the cloud can do for you, contact us today to hear more!

VPS Apps Can Turbocharge Your Business

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Small businesses and entrepreneurs usually struggle with resources. You want to do so much, but only have limited amounts of time, money, or technology. We have to innovate ways to stretch ourselves and our teams thinner and thinner. Thankfully, companies recognize the opportunity there and build programs that small businesses can use to leverage other people’s resources. With VPS apps, entrepreneurs can scale their technology as they grow. They can use the power of the cloud to run their software and their company on a fraction of what it used to cost. Here are some of the ways VPS apps can turbocharge your business.

Efficient Technology Spending

Deciding what to buy or how much to spend on technology is complicated. You never want to be hindered by your lack of tech, but you also don’t want to spend more money or buy more things than you need. With VPS apps, you can run your technology on someone else’s infrastructure. You don’t have to deal with tech support and updates because your service provider handles everything. You only spend what you need to, and you have a long-term partner there to help you with technical aspects of your business.

VPS Apps Are Easy for Employees to Learn

VPS apps run on the most up to date software and systems. They’re also easy for employees to use and access. With the power of the cloud, your entire company can access company data from anywhere. Business can be conducted at any time or place. They’re easy to learn and integrate into current business practices. There are no more productivity lapses when something goes wrong with a company server. VPS apps run seamlessly around you as you build your company.

Enhanced Security

When you start a business, the growth mindset is all-encompassing. Still, you have to think about information security. One security gap can cause irreparable damage to your company and its reputation. With VPS apps, your information is kept safe behind the efforts of seasoned technical specialists. They monitor your systems and data to make sure customer data and employee information is secure. SolarVPS offers small businesses around the country a wide variety of VPS apps and other services to help you grow. Our technology solutions can turbocharge your business to the next level and achieve the results you’re looking for. To hear more or ask questions about what we can do for your company, contact us today.

How to Use the Cloud for Big Data in 2020

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Data is the real digital currency. The information companies and other organizations generate can be used more effectively than ever with the help of the cloud. Whether you’re looking at customer data, process flows, or using big data for strategy, your ability to collect and analyze data will help you succeed. Collecting and storing large amounts of data is challenging, though. If you try to do it alone, you’ll spend a fortune on the computing power that’s needed. Instead, companies and other organizations turn to the cloud for help with big data. The cloud lets you leverage technology resources at a fraction of the cost. Your data moves quickly and is always safe and accessible. Here’s how you can use the cloud and big data in 2020. 

Leverage Cloud Resources at a Fraction of the Costs

One of the biggest benefits of migrating your data and processes to the cloud is cost savings. To get the same computing power as the cloud, you’d have to spend a great deal of money. The more big data you’re dealing with, the more money you’ll save in the cloud. Cloud providers invest a lot of money building out data centers that can handle huge amounts of data. For a great value, you can use the resources they’ve accumulated to process your information. 

Use Big Data to Gain Business Insights

When we think of big data, we often think of social media likes, ad targeting, and lead generation. It’s true, that’s all part of big data, but many organizations use information to improve how they conduct business. With the cloud, you can streamline processes and improve the way your organization operates. You have greater access control and data security. You can store documents and create processes online that are efficient and can be replicated.

Increase Customer Engagement

In 2020, customer engagement will be a critical part of your big data strategy. Whether you’re trying to keep track of customers, or you’re looking to keep donors or partners engaged, harnessing big data through the cloud is the key to staying on top of outreach. You can keep track of when and how you need to engage with your audience. The cloud helps you accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time and ensures your actions are informed and effective.  SolarVPS provides organizations with the best cloud solutions to help how you manage big data. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we can do, contact our team today.  

Successful Businesses Use Big Data to Drive Sales

Too Much Big Data Data has been a digital currency for businesses for years. Collecting and analyzing information from suppliers, customers, and partners helps optimize sourcing and operations. Small and medium businesses can use the information that their site, sales, and marketing create to improve engagement and customer acquisition. Harnessing the power of big data means better leads and more sales. It has a huge impact on the growth of business and sales targeting. Here is how successful businesses use big data to increase sales. 

Lead Generation

Lead generation and customer acquisition is expensive and challenging. Even if you’ve got a fantastic product or service, getting that message out to the public is tough. Digital marketing can be expensive, so it’s vital companies target people most inclined to purchase a service or products. With big data, businesses can analyze customer demographics, their shopping patterns, and other information that will help with sales. The better able you are to identify potential customers, the more likely you will be to close deals. 

Sell to Existing Customers

Companies also use big data to analyze their current customer pool for up-sell opportunities. With the right software solutions, you can track service cycles and know when customers will finish whatever product they’ve ordered in the past. Whether they’re due for a new pair of shoes or another shipment of vitamins, big data helps you crunch information so you know when to sell to an existing customer. Selling to your current client base is much easier than finding new customers. 

Big Data Ensures Appropriate Staffing

Looking at big data will help managers know whether they’re appropriately staffed. If you have too many people selling your products, you could use that money you spend on salaries to find more customers. If your staffing levels are too low, you’re missing out on sales opportunities. Big data can track customer contacts, close rates, revenue per engagement and other key statistics. You don’t have to operate on gut feeling anymore. You can track statistics that paint a clear picture of what you need to do to increase sales.  SolarVPS offers clients solutions so they can use the power of big data in their businesses. If you’re interested in what big data can do for your company, contact our team today. We’ll help find a solution so you can drive sales and grow your customer base even more.