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How to Prepare for a New IT Year

A New Year means new IT systems and new adventures await! For business owners and individuals of all kinds, there are many groundbreaking technologies to look forward to in 2022. Solar VPS has you covered when it comes to a new year full of robust, reliable, and fast options for all your IT needs. No matter what you hope to achieve as the calendar turns a new page, we can help you find the right systems, software, and servers. Today you can learn what you need to know about new IT insights to kick off 2022 strong. 

What Services Do You Want This Year?

For a successful IT year, it’s a good idea to brainstorm with a fresh slate. Ask yourself what services you will require this year. If you work at a business or with a team that uses the same IT systems, set up a time to meet together. Discussing your needs every year is a great way to find new IT insights for your operations, streamline processes, and even save yourself some money. You might not realize what needs to be changed until it comes time to sit down and make those changes for good. Plus, reviewing your current IT policies might reveal that you are paying for features you just don’t use anymore. What better way to kick off the new year than by saving yourself money and upgrading to a better operating system? 

VPS Plans for 2022

VPS plans are nothing new, but they might be new to you this year. A VPS stands for virtual private server and is an operating system nestled within a larger parent server system. They work by establishing a host environment via other electronic devices and imitating physical servers. However, they are not based on a physical server, which makes them a popular choice due to their convenience and accessibility.

New IT insights for Managing Data This Year

When it comes to big data and data management this year, you can start things off strong with these IT insights. Data should always have a secure backup system in place. This protects against sudden crashes or malicious hacking attempts that aim to steal or alter your personal information. Furthermore, strong and secure databases are a major aspect of trusted data management. Additionally, data recovery systems are an integral aspect of big data management this year. With our high recovery rates, Solar VPS can help you keep your data secure and backed up all year long. 

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Application Hosting with Your Cloud Systems

One popular use for our VPS systems is cloud-based application hosting. If you have not already explored this lucrative outlet, then 2022 might be your year to apply your new IT insights. Cloud-based hosting allows you to employ over 260 applications from Solar VPS such as WordPress, Drupal, and other popular platform options. We even make it simple to update and install these applications with fast connection speeds and downloads. 

Create a Stunning Website

The new year could also mean taking the time to design a stunning new website for your business or personal use. Solar VPS can help with simple and beautiful website design processes. We make it possible to create and sell websites to others for a lucrative profit. In 2022, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to unique, eye-catching, and informative website design. At Solar VPS, we excel at helping businesses create a functional website for their customers to interact with. 

SolarSystem Management Portals from Solar VPS

Another new insight for 2022 is Solar VPS’s SolarSystem management portals. With these handy portals, we give you the quick and simple ability to manage all your systems in one convenient package. Now you can start up, stop, and reboot your cloud application pods in one spot! Plus, changing your password when you need to is even simpler than having to contact a specialist. Finally, our management platforms make it simple to view bandwidth and upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. What better way to round out the year or jump into the next with these low-stress features? They include easy app installation, customization and configuration, and installing domain names in a flash.

Contact Solar VPS Today

Solar VPS wants to make 2022 your best year yet with new IT insights for success. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we treat each customer’s needs uniquely. Meet with us today to get started, learn more, and ensure your IT operations are here for all your web hosting needs. We understand that you need a fast, reliable, and secure VPS plan to ensure the smooth operations of your business. At Solar VPS, our plans are adaptable and flexible to enable our clients to affordably pay for what their needs are. Want to learn more about our services and what we can do for you? Give us a call today toll-free at (800) 799-1713 or follow us on our social media platforms for more information. 

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