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4 Ways to Use A Cloud Server

Cloud-based servers have revolutionized the internet market. Over the years, people have learned to use cloud servers to grow their businesses, start and finish projects, and filter through loads of data more efficiently.

For the uninitiated, cloud servers are virtual, not physical. They operate in a cloud computing environment. Cloud servers are designed to host and deliver information via their titular cloud computing platform and via the internet. 

One big advantage is that any of the stored data can be accessed remotely. Sometimes referred to as a “virtual server,” this technology can function as an independent unit thanks to all the necessary software being contained within. Users can rely on could-based servers to be stable, avoid software issues, avoid hardware issues, and be faster on all fronts.

Cloud Servers 101

A “cloud” is made up of multiple servers which are connected to the internet. These can be leased as part of a software or application service. Cloud servers are essentially “cloud computing,” involving a number of servers linked together, which helps systems balance the load of incoming/outgoing data sharing. This means that complex processes can be distributed across multiple potentially smaller computers that businesses utilize, as opposed to putting all the weight onto a singular machine. Some of the perks of cloud-based servers include web hosting services, data hosting and sharing across platforms, and the use of popular software and applications. Cloud servers certainly give their users an advantage over any potential hurdles. 

User Stability & Security

A cloud-based server gives the common business user stability and security. Using a dedicated server is an effective way to run an operation, but there are drawbacks, such as the inability to work on a consistent schedule. After all, online systems always need upgrades and resets, which ultimately puts your productivity on hold. For example, server maintenance can take hours to complete – sometimes even days. However, cloud servers are designed to roll with every little change. Solar VPS’s systems only experience automatic upgrades that are applied while you continue to use the platform for whatever needs to be done. User stability and security are possible with cloud-based servers because you never need to stop what you are doing. Momentum is vital to any operation. Solar VPS can give you that momentum.

No Software Shortages

Physical servers often experience software issues. These hiccups are unfortunately not far from your environment. Cloud-based servers keep these issues far away from your projects, which means neighboring cloud servers will not impact yours (or vice versa). This way, you are protected against untimely server overloads. You won’t experience any collaboration problems since all the files and data are stored in the same location. Cloud-based servers allow you and your team to make edits and updates to documents and applications in real-time.

No Hardware Setbacks

Hardware issues are a never-ending battle when it comes to physical servers. Not only do you have to worry about tech breakdowns and stability issues, but there is always the risk (even if it is a minimal one) that your laptop could be lost or stolen. A cloud-based server keeps your company data safe in the cloud, where you have popular security options like Two-Factor Authentication stopping points. With cloud servers, your website can be hosted on multiple servers, meaning your data is always accessible and does not rely on the hardware itself. 

In the event of a hardware failure, other computers can take the brunt of the load and keep your website performing as it should. Cloud-based servers are more reliable than a physical setup because no lone hardware failure will completely tank your system and lose all that sensitive data. Solar VPS can help you avoid debilitating hardware setbacks which can significantly cost you financially.

Faster Uses for Resource Gathering & Storage

Cloud-based servers provide faster uses for your resources. On a cost level, the price of a physical server versus a cloud server is not all that different, yet the features and advantages do differ. For example, your website will run much faster if it is cloud-hosted, and you can add extra memory and disk space whenever the need presents itself. Solar VPS aims to equip you with multiple management perks, including:

  • Start, Stop, & Reboot your Cloud Apps Pod
  • Console Access, Change Password
  • View Bandwidth Usage Graphs
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Resources

Our cloud-based servers work perfectly for teams working remotely, on the road, or just out of the office. With cloud-based storage, your distributed resources act as one. Cloud storage holds up to large distributions of data and resources. Your team will have shared access to documents, files, and data that you need to keep the operation going strong.

Dedicated servers require a good amount of personal monitoring and managing, not to mention the use of more IT resources to meet general upkeep needs. That said, cloud-based servers never require software installations or physical maintenance. Solar VPS’s cloud servers are fully managed. Your operation is in good hands. You will always have fast and easy access to your resources.

Solar VPS’s Cloud-Based Servers & You 

Solar VPS’s cloud-based servers allow you to scale data requirements up or down, which means you can accommodate any variations in your business from day to day. With a monthly subscription, you only need to pay for the services you actually use. Using the Windows Cloud as an example of features, you have access to:

  • Windows Development
  • High-Availability Multi-City DNS Cluster
  • Remote Desktop/VDI
  • Forex Trading
  • Manage A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, SRV Records
  • SQL Server Hosting
  • Game Server Hosting
  • DNS Management
  • Simple and Advanced Mode Operation
  • Customize your own TTL Settings

If you are curious about using a cloud-based server, ask our tech support, sales, and customer relations teams to answer any preliminary questions. We can help you set up within 24 hours so your projects don’t miss a beat. Contact Solar VPS today and join the solar system.

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