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Windows Or Linux: 5 Reasons to Use Windows Cloud Hosting

It may seem like trying to convert a Linux loyalist to a Windows server is a futile task. Thankfully, Solar VPS offers both Linux and Windows hosting clouds. Both are excellent choices with different benefits.

Linux is an open-source system and available for free. While this is attractive, there are drawbacks. Windows servers operate on a closed platform and are available for purchases through licenses.

Because of this, a Windows hosting cloud option is more expensive as it relates to the software. It’s important to remember that a Windows hosting server also offers a lot of features. Some users consider these features as “must-haves.”

Windows hosting on SolarVPS Cloud

The final choice between a Linux cloud or Windows Cloud Host is a matter of preference. Both systems are stable and offer great performance. But there are stand-out features with the Windows hosting option.

Here are 5 reasons why a Windows hosting cloud solution is a good choice:

The Easy-to-Use Windows GUI Remote Desktop

Windows offers a simple-to-use graphic user interface (GUI). While some developers consider the GUI to be unnecessary, it’s an excellent choice for beginners. Linux is driven by the command line, and some users aren’t comfortable with this. If you prefer an easy-to-use GUI, then Windows hosting on the cloud is your best bet.

Windows Hosting is Backed by Long-term Support

Windows offers long-term guaranteed support. This is important for some users who find security knowing Microsoft is behind that support. Windows also supports its product with frequent updates for the OS, drivers, and other software. These updates include functionality improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Microsoft offers support options that provide 24/7 coverage and 15-minute response times. Some consider this level of support worth the cost and justification for a Windows hosting server.

With Windows hosting, there is one OS to support, whereas Linux has numerous variations. Linux is supported by a community of users as opposed to one corporation. In regards to support, a Windows hosting system outshines its Linux counterpart.

Windows Server Supports Web Page Scripts

If ASP and ASP.Net frameworks are part of your web pages, a Windows cloud host solution is best. An ASP, or active server page, uses embedded scripts. A Windows server processes these scripts before a user loads a web page. Linux does not support these frameworks.

Windows Hosting Supports More App & Gaming Choices

Windows hosting integrates with more 3rd-party apps than Linux. One significant example is Adobe Creative Cloud. It won’t work with Linux, but is supported by Windows servers. Other significant app examples that require Windows are AutoCAD and SketchUp.

A Windows hosting cloud server is also the ideal choice if PC gaming is important to you. Most PC game creators develop their games for the Windows platform.

Linux enthusiasts point to workarounds or alternatives to nearly everything mentioned here. However, the simple fact is the easiest choice to support most 3rd-party games and apps is a Windows cloud-hosted server.

Windows Hosting Servers are Designed to Integrate with Microsoft Products

SharePoint and Exchange are two very popular programs for communicating and working on projects. SharePoint and Exchange are proprietary to Microsoft. If these are products you need, then there is a reason to select Windows cloud hosting.

Microsoft SQL and Access are two widely-used database programs. These products are also proprietary to Microsoft. So if your company uses these, you may be locked into the Windows cloud hosting option.

Organizations using Microsoft Windows at the desktop further the case for a Windows cloud hosting solution.

SolarVPS Windows Hosting Cloud

At SolarVPS, we offer a robust Windows Cloud Hosting option. Our Windows Hosting Cloud is ideal for game server hosting and Forex trading. Of course, it is also great for Windows development.

We offer cloud hosting backed up by five state-of-the-art data centers. Our cloud hosting offers the best performance and uptime percentages, as well as the option of a complete tech support package or a pay-as-you-go option.

Solar VPS Windows Cloud hosting is scalable and starts at just $30. Click here for more information or to order a Windows hosting cloud-subscription plan now.

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