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How to Save Money on Web Hosting Services

web hosting service saving money

When you launch a new website or blog, you want to find the best value. Or maybe you need to save money because your department’s budget was cut. Regardless of the reason, saving money on a web hosting service is a way to keep costs in check. However, you don’t want to sacrifice any quality with your hosting service.

By doing a bit of research, you can still have an excellent web host provider and save some money. Here are a few tips to achieve this:  

Save Money by Paying Upfront for a Longer Web Hosting Service Plan

While some host providers offer a low fee that you pay monthly, this is usually not the best solution for saving money. It’s worth checking out the savings a web host offers when you pay quarterly or biannually. The best cost savings are generally offered when you pay your service fee annually. 

For example, with a basic Solar VPS Cloud Apps plan, you can start for $5 and pay monthly. At that rate, you pay $60 for one year of service. Solar VPS offers discounts when you pay quarterly or biannually, but the best deal is paying annually. When you pay upfront for one year of a basic Cloud Apps plan, it’s $51. You save $9 with the annual payment versus paying monthly. 

This is one example, but you save even more based on how much your plan costs. 

Save Money with a Scalable Web Hosting Plan 

The first home you buy in life is not typically the largest home you ever own. You purchase a larger home as your income and/or family grows. Scaling up is based on your resources and needs. 

The same concept applies to scalable web hosting service plans. If you don’t need all of the storage space or bandwidth a plan offers, why pay for it? You save money with scalable solutions. A scalable solution lets you start with the resources you initially need from your web host. As your business or blog grows, you purchase additional resources in increments. 

Solar VPS Cloud Hosting plans are scalable and save you money while offering growth options. 

Consider a Pay-As-You-Go Tech Support Web Hosting Service Plan 

It pays to compare monthly service fees when it comes to web hosting. When you find one service is higher-priced, tech support costs are often hidden in the cost. So, you are paying for a service you may never use. 

Select a provider that does not build tech support costs into their plan to save money. You save even more money if your web host provider is Solar VPS and offers the option to pay for tech support as you need it. 

Register Your Domain Name With Your Web Hosting Service Provider 

Check to see if your web host provider offers a deal if you register your domain with them. There is no reason to pay a separate company for domain registration if you can save money by doing so with your web hosting service provider. 

Don’t Pay for Extras You Don’t Need

During the checkout process, some web host providers will automatically populate the order form with extra services. You don’t need to pay more for SEO, for example, if you are savvy enough to optimize your search engine rankings on your own. 

Website security is a major concern these days. However, you don’t need to pay for extra security features if the basic service covers what you need. 

If you don’t need to process credit card transactions on your site, it isn’t necessary to pay to do so. The same can be said for shopping page options. If selling products online is not part of your business model, you don’t need a higher-priced solution that offers that option. 

Receive the Best Value with Solar VPS Cloud Web Hosting Service 

The least expensive solution is not necessarily the best way to save money. Saving money is best achieved by obtaining the most long-term value. 

When you choose Solar VPS Cloud services to host your website, you receive value in multiple ways. Our Cloud VPS plans give you the best and most reliable services for your site. 

Solar VPS offers exceptional uptime percentages with our cloud hosting. It may be intangible, but there is cost associated when any website goes down. 

It’s also a loss when site visitors don’t return because your site is slow. When you host with a Solar VPS Cloud plan, you receive better speed performance than basic host providers. If your site experiences a traffic spike, you maintain that level of performance with Solar VPS Cloud hosting. 

Solar VPS offers different cloud options that are affordable for individuals and all sizes of businesses. Click here for more information on our Cloud VPS options for web hosting service. 

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