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What to Look For Before Signing With A Web Hosting Service

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In 2020, there’s no substitute for a solid website that customers can access to learn more about your business or buy your products. Designing your website is a vitally important task, but a great design is worthless if your web hosting service isn’t reliable. Here are some of the most important features to look for before signing up with a web hosting company.

Web Hosting Needs #1: Support

When your team is considering signing on with a web hosting service, it’s important to understand the level of support that you’ll receive. While most companies will take a hands-on approach to the sign-up and initial start-up process, it can get a bit hazy after that point. As your leadership team begins to assess potential hosting services, understanding how ongoing support will be handled is essential. This means finding out what limitations exist in their support structure: is phone or email support available on demand or are there certain hours?

When you contract with Solar VPS, our team will be on call to address your needs anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will do what we can to get your business back in business as quickly as possible.

Web Hosting Needs #2: Scalability

As your business needs change, it’s important to have the easy ability to make changes to your usage level. When your business grows, it’s essential that you are able to increase the overall level of resources that your team uses. On the other hand, you should be able to decrease or re-align resources as your business slows down in one or more areas. In these ways, your potential web hosting service must provide the flexibility to scale up or down accordingly. Before signing with a company, understand their rules and regulations for scaling your needs. As business needs change, your provider should be able to do the same.

Web Hosting Needs #3: Uptime/Downtime

In web hosting, being able to access resources on demand is an essential part of the equation. Understanding how reliable your provider is can make the difference between a good and a bad experience for your team and your viewers. While the occasional downtime is unavoidable, frequent instances of unscheduled downtime means it’s time to assess the situation as a whole. If your provider is not receptive to your feedback, it’s time to look for a new provider who can provide a reliable hosting solution that meets or exceeds your needs.

Web Hosting Needs #4: Backup Access

As your team makes the transition to a private web hosting solution, accidents sometimes happen. Files can be corrupted or be lost when moving from location to location. When researching a potential hosting company, it’s essential to understand the level of support you have with respect to backup files. Having an ongoing plan for managing possible disaster recovery can make the difference between a successful recovery and an unimaginable situation.

Web Hosting Needs #5: Consider Sharing Your Web Hosting

Throughout the research process, you’ll come to understand what level of a hosting plan your team will need. If your organization is a larger, more established one, your team should sign up for a dedicated virtual private service. If your organization is smaller and just starting to grow, you might want to consider a shared hosting solution.

In shared hosting, your company and other companies will share access to the same server. Generally speaking, shared hosting is cheaper, but you will sacrifice speed and performance. This happens because you are using the same resources as at least one other company. Pay attention to how your web performance is impacted by other groups. If your site is lagging or losing connectivity, there’s a chance that another team on your shared server is hurting your performance. It might be time to switch providers or increase your resources to a dedicated hosting plan.

In dedicated hosting, there are no significant boundaries. Everything that your provider makes available is completely yours to use. There are no limits, nothing is shared, and you are in full control of performance. As we’ve already discussed scalability, you will have the ability to adjust data speeds and other limits to increase your visibility. Of course, getting these limitless options is going to cost more. It’s important to weigh your options carefully to balance functionality and costs.

Web Hosting Needs #6: Do Your Research Before You Sign

As your team comes closer to making your final decision on a web hosting service, it’s time to narrow things down even further. Take a very close look at any estimates provided to ensure that terms are clear. Understand the costs of all services provided and how to handle adjustments to plans in the future. While there’s a tendency to accept the lowest offers, getting extra services can be worth a little extra money.

Solar VPS: A Web Hosting Service You Can Count On

Since 2005, Solar VPS has been finding new and innovative ways to provide unique solutions. Whether you’re a new or an existing client, we’ll do our best to address your needs as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We assist all customers no matter which operating systems you use–Windows, iOS, or Linux. When you consider the factors discussed above, you’ll see that Solar VPS hits all the markers. Contact us today!

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