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Optimizing Windows VPS for 2020

Many users of virtual private servers, or VPS, plans are happy to share that they can control cost, access, and security of their networks. Unfortunately, many of those users aren’t aware of how important it is to make sure resources are working at their best levels. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how optimizing a Windows VPS can elevate cloud-based computing to new levels.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #1: Content Matters

One of the easiest ways to start optimizing your VPS network is to take a look at the content involved. If your website includes audio, video, or photography, the chances are that those things are eating up your data speed. While not always possible, look for ways to share smaller files. Small files load faster and can save users from being frustrated at the lag time for larger files. Additionally, most service providers will give you access to data trackers that allow members of your leadership team to review and make changes to big files quickly.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #2: Invest in a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A second way to optimize your Windows VPS network is to employ a Content Delivery Network, or CDN. These networks allow your data to travel long distances more quickly–keeping your team and your viewers happy. CDNs work by storing static versions of larger files that can be called up and loaded quickly, allowing your viewers the chance to get what they need without delay. Better performance means a better, stronger use of VPS resources.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #3: Use Cache

The third way to optimize your Windows VPS involves caching. In caching, commonly accessed files are made easier to open. The most requested files will be stored in places that are quicker to call up and faster to display–thereby reducing the overall use of resources and allowing your network to better balance files big and small.

Optimizing Windows VPS Tip #4: Contact Solar VPS

Now that you’ve seen a few ways of improving the performance of a Windows-based VPS hosting, consider Solar VPS. Our team has the know-how to design a custom hosting plan to suit your business needs. We’re dedicated to finding the right level of service for you. We take immense pride in helping all of our customers optimize their network options–no matter the operating system. Windows, iOS, Linux–we’ve got a solution for you. Don’t delay–Contact us today!

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