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How to Choose Between Linux and Windows For Your VPS

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

While the basic functionality of your Virtual Private Server (VPS) will be similar, there are subtle differences in how Linux Cloud VPS servers and Windows Cloud VPS servers operate. How do you decide? In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few criteria to mull over before deciding on the right operating system for your organization’s VPS.


If you’re one of the decision makers reading this post today, one of your top concerns will be the overall cost of owning and operating your VPS solution. While the Linux VPS software is open source application, which makes it free to own and operate, the Microsoft VPS software does require a licensing fee for your organization to use.


A second concern to consider regarding the choice between Linux and Microsoft VPS products is the overall performance quality of the software. While Linux VPS software operates with more speed and requires less attention to updates, Microsoft VPS requires regular reboots when undergoing maintenance. Microsoft VPS also requires more resources and has been found to be slower to operate.


The third thing to consider when deciding between Linux and Microsoft for your VPS needs is the level of security provided by the operating systems involved. Generally speaking, Linux VPS solutions provide a greater level of security–as system administrators are the only power users who can modify the VPS itself. On the other hand, Windows VPS can be nearly as secure, if installed with the correct safeguards and protocols from the beginning.


A fourth element to keep in mind when choosing between Linux VPS and Microsoft VPS is the level of technical support available in the event that something goes wrong. It should be noted that since Linux is open source, there is a lot of assistance available within the Linux online community but the level of quality help is debatable. On the other hand, Microsoft VPS has constant technical support from the Microsoft IT team.

Compatibility With Other Software

One final criteria to consider when choosing between Linux VPS and Microsoft VPS is the kind of work that your team will be doing. Linux software is more compatible with other open source applications such as PHP/Perl, Java, Python, CGI, and SSH. Microsoft software is more compatible with Windows-based applications such as ASP Classic,, MySQL, and Access.

The Final Answer

When you consider the five criteria above, it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each VPS solution. Be aware that your choice of VPS hosting options will impact your workflow. When you’re ready to find the right VPS host, consider Solar VPS We provide cloud hosting plans to suit your current and future VPS needs. We provide solutions for iOS, Windows, and Linux computing systems. In addition to offering competitive pricing and plans to give you what you need, our technical support is a comprehensive service available when you need it. You’ll only pay for what you need and nothing more. Don’t delay–Contact us today!
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