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What Every Executive Needs to Know about Cloud Computing,

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Today’s tech savvy businesses are shifting away from traditional, local based computing options and moving to cloud computing programs. The difficult part of making the switch is the complexity of deciding whether or not to change course. In this blog, we’ll take a look at five things that every executive should know about using the cloud to improve business operations.

The Cloud Makes Individuals More Productive

The first thing to consider is that cloud computing has been shown to increase productivity. When an employee is able to work from anywhere without worrying about access to the software they need, it allows each employee the chance to work in and out of the office (depending on your company IT policies of course).

The Cloud Makes Collaboration Easier

The second thing to consider is directly related to the first thing. Because applications and files live on the cloud, your entire team is empowered to work together in a variety of manners and on a variety of schedules. Imagine the productivity that can happen when all departments and stakeholders are able to work together without wasting time. Simultaneous work eliminates physical boundaries that stall projects.

The Cloud Makes Data Analysis Quicker

The third thing to know about cloud computing happens when your organization has stopped wasting time on manual data entry, requesting files from other departments, and can focus on  the most important thing: moving forward. This is possible because all cloud-based documents live digitally. There are no physical filing cabinets and no paper forms that need to be transcribed. Data is available in a matter of seconds and the number-crunchers can get crunching without a delay. Quicker data means quicker results. Quicker results mean the real, valuable work can happen quicker: growth.

The Cloud Makes Software Cheaper

The fourth thing to consider about cloud computing is an easy financial statement: cloud-based software is cheaper. This is true because all the applications that your team needs live digitally. There is no longer a need for a large number of copies of a program that has to be physically installed on each computer in the office. Cloud computing allows users to access all the apps, data, and communication tools from any location–saving time and money working on physical problems.

Ready to Make the Jump into Cloud Computing?

Now that you’ve seen the top reasons for shifting to a cloud-based computing format, find out how Solar VPS can help your team make a smooth transition to the cloud. We provide a variety of cloud hosting solutions to suit your needs and your budget. Whether your company uses iOS, Windows, and Linux systems, we’re ready to help your organization to thrive. Don’t hesitate–Contact us today!  
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