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5 Common Issues When Dealing with Cloud Hosting

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Cloud computing has now become quite popular with companies as a way to enhance their IT infrastructures. It is an advantageous technology to embrace, but it does come with its own set of issues. If you are aware of the common problems, it helps to mitigate any possible risks associated with the cloud hosting environment.  Most cloud service providers are aware of the issues, and they take care of them ahead of time. However, you as a client must also educate yourself so you can make the right choice for your business.


Security is one of the top issues in the cloud computing world. Since it is based on the internet, it becomes vulnerable to hacking attacks. However, given the fact that cloud computing is a distributed network, you can quickly recover from such attacks. When you select a provider, you can examine their security policies to ensure that your concerns are addressed ahead of time.


If you are worried that you will have compatibility issues when you switch to a cloud provider, you might consider a hybrid cloud solution. If you are invested in an IT infrastructure which is not compatible with the cloud hosting provider setup, a hybrid solution will save you on extra expenses. In a hybrid setup, you mix private cloud and public cloud and get the most out of your existing setup.

No Standardization

Another problem associated with cloud computing is the lack of standardization in the system. There are no proper standards for cloud computing yet, which can become an issue. The way to mitigate any risk is to go over your concerns ahead of time with the service provider and ask them to explain the technology they are using and why.

Data Recovery

As a business, you want the fastest data recovery after an unforeseen event. With your data being distributed through the cloud, you also want to ensure a good service level agreement when you sign up with a provider. Have a discussion about data backup and how fast can they recover from the backups, so that you are not surprised when it’s time to recover from a disaster.

Real-Time Monitoring

Some businesses require real-time monitoring of their systems because it is standard practice in their industry. Some cloud hosting providers may not be able to satisfy this requirement. Because of this, it is vital for you to figure this out ahead of time before signing up with a provider. Solar VPS provides one of the most flexible cloud hosting packages that gives you immense control over your environment. Our data centers are out of this world because of the vast infrastructure and security that we provide. Feel free to go over our FAQs and contact us today to set up your customized cloud VPS hosting plan.
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