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Which Operating Systems Should I Choose For My VPS?

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A virtual private server (VPS) is a physical server that is partitioned into several virtual ones. When you sign up for a virtual private server, you also need to decide which operating system to choose. Depending on your choice, you will then determine which application software you can install on your virtual server. It will also regulate how long it takes to tune everything and how well your server performs.

Windows or Linux

The two popular operating systems for a VPS are Windows or Linux. A lot of people prefer Linux over Windows because of the open-source nature of Linux. Linux becomes a favored choice since it is integrated with a lot of open-source programming languages. Moreover, Windows also happens to be more expensive compared to Linux. However, depending on your situation, Windows may be a better choice for you. The Windows server environment is highly recommended for ASP/ASP.NET development, and for clients that want to make use of an MS SQL database. Another advantage of choosing a Windows operating system is that it requires very little technical knowledge to utilize effectively. If you have technical knowledge, Linux will work for you. However, if you aren’t technically savvy or you are developing in a language supported directly by Windows, you should opt for a Windows operating system. Evidently, there is no one clear choice and it depends on your needs and requirements.

Advantages of Linux vs. Windows

The Linux operating system is flexible and reliable. Linux VPS servers use fewer resources, which increases website performance and reduces downtime. Additionally, since the Linux platform is open-source, a website owner can change server configurations, perform updates, and install different applications, based on their needs. On the other hand, the Windows operating system provides improved control. Every user is presented with Remote Desktop access, through which a user can control and manage his server anywhere and at any time. Windows VPS servers provide inherent security since they are furnished with professional antivirus software and anti-spy programs, as well as reliable firewalls. When you sign up for your VPS plan with Solar VPS, you get a great suite of VPS tools. We have a powerful control panel in addition to comprehensive technical support tools. With Solar VPS, you only pay for what you need since you have the flexibility of dynamically changing your allocated resources based on your needs. Additionally, we ensure safety and efficiency and provide excellent customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and get your cloud VPS set up with ease.
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