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Basics of Cloud Hosting

Companies have been adopting cloud hosting to manage their web needs for years. The security benefits of cloud hosting allow companies to lower security and operating risk by moving websites, applications, and data away from local servers. By spreading out hosting resources over servers in data centers, companies enjoy the security of failover in the event one server location fails. They can still view and use their data as needed. Cloud hosting helps companies avoid disruptions due to outages that were common years ago. Companies who have yet to migrate to the cloud should take a look at some of its advantages.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Small companies sometimes go to a store and buy a server to place in a home or office that stores all of their data and customer info. They use it to run their websites. But what happens if the power goes out? What if the server breaks and the data is lost? Data losses can be crippling for a business. A web outage can also stop customers from visiting a business’ site and buying products. Cloud hosting companies have servers spread out across many locations that are programmed to failover if an outage occurs. When a server fails, another server kicks in to keep web hosting up and operational.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Using a cloud hosting service is the best way to make sure a website or application stays running. Hosting services typically invest in high-quality equipment that’s more reliable than dedicated servers. They can usually scale and host for many companies. This lowers the cost to individual customers and companies that use their hosting services. As more people migrate to the cloud, the cost continues to drop. Let’s say a company is developing what they think is a hot new product. They know demand is going to be extremely high but aren’t sure what kind of hosting resources they will need. If they misjudge consumer demand for the product, they could experience a website outage as customers rush to their site so fast it cripples their servers. It ends up costing them sales. On the other hand, using a cloud-based web hosting company takes that concern off the hands of businesses. Hosting companies have the resources to rapidly scale up or down based on need. Solar VPS offers the best cloud hosting services on the market. We have the resources to ensure your website runs optimally at all times. Solar VPS is spread across the world, so our clients enjoy guaranteed stability with excellent tech and customer support. Contact Solar VPS today to see how we can help with your cloud hosting needs.
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