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Build Your Cloud with VPS

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If you are interested in building your cloud with a virtual private server setup, you will be happy to know that open source client-server software enables you to do so quickly. You can set up your own cloud by utilizing the VPS service of Solar VPS. A VPS environment is based on virtualization techniques and enables you to completely own and control your virtual server. You can install any software you need and use your VPS the way you intend to with total control and flexibility.

More Control and Privacy

Building your own cloud with VPS will give you more control over your environment, and you will protect your privacy better. There are software tools available to help you set up your own personal cloud storage. All you have to do is invest in a VPS hosting environment.

Software Installation

You can make the process of building your own cloud easier by installing the right software. You will need to install server software and download client software for your computers and apps for your mobiles. Most of these DIY cloud storage tools have web interfaces, enabling you to access your content using a web browser. It’s easier to share files using web-based software and mobile apps.

How Can Solar VPS Help?

Solar VPS provides one of the most flexible VPS solutions because of the amount of control it gives you. You become the master of your domain with Solar VPS. Typically, your organization’s needs can change as you grow and we let you effectively increase or decrease your resource pool as those needs change. Therefore, you only pay for what you need. Solar VPS solutions come with an excellent VPS management suite called SolarSystem that can deploy resources for you as and when required. SolarSystem also provides DNS control and lets you customize your VPS service. At Solar VPS, we also help you with excellent technical support offerings. You can choose from a couple of different options. Our technical support staff is highly trained, and our technical support modules cover basic MySQL, Apache and PHP management. You can also troubleshoot Plesk and cPanel. At Solar VPS, we have thought of everything from management to support, and we provide the right set of VPS tools so that you are always in control. Moreover, when you sign up with us, you only pay for what you need. If you are looking to build a cloud of your own with a flexible VPS solution, you don’t need to look beyond Solar VPS. Contact us today and choose from various available options.
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