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VPS Tech Support: Reporting from Mission Control

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Reliable 24/7 VPS tech support is a must-have feature offered by web hosting providers. Tech support is an essential offering to deal with various aspects of hosting and ensure a highly available network. Moreover, it is a great way to build trust and provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Support

It is not enough to simply provide technical support by email. Instead, a competent 24/7 support that takes care of urgent issues helps in building trust with the customer. Clients are not looking for limited VPS tech support, but rather all-encompassing support. Excellent support involves listening to customer issues and providing a timely and actionable response.

Solar VPS Tech Support

 Solar VPS tech support is the ultimate technical support insurance policy for you. Our Mission Control add-on enables you to have a no-fuss experience for Windows Cloud VPS, Linux Cloud VPS, and Cloud Apps on demand. It is offered as an add-on when you purchase our cPanel or Plesk Control Panels. You will get a wide range of technical support assistance when you purchase the Mission Control add-on. We pride ourselves on quality 24/7 VPS tech support via our Mission Control add-on. It covers control panel migrations, MySQL, Apache, and PHP Management. We also help with troubleshooting Plesk and/or cPanel. In addition, our trained tech support staff assists with DNS issues, IP configurations, and SSH ports and security concerns.

Excellent Support Tools

You get a set of excellent tools with the Mission Control add-on. For instance, you will be equipped with CSF firewall installation/support and on-demand Breakfix support for all software included with cPanel/WHM. In addition, you get on-demand security checks and installation of chrootkit and rkhunter. If you are looking for free migration from your previous provider for cPanel to cPanel or Same OS Plesk to Plesk, it will be included with the Mission Control add-on as well.

Third-Party Support

Many providers will tell you that they can’t offer help when it comes to third-party software. However, at Solar VPS, we understand that customers use a number of third-party software applications and may run into integration issues. As part of our comprehensive tech support plan, we will troubleshoot third-party apps to the best of our ability. Solar VPS serves more than 10,000 clients and their domains. Our trained staff provides world-class tech support to our clients to ensure their satisfaction. If you are looking for VPS tech support, then come and check out our options.
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