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Cloud Hosting is Safer Than Both Home PC's and Small Business Sites

Cloud Data SecurityIn an article published by Website Magazine on 5.21.13 titled, “Home PCs are Safer Than Small Business Sites” Michael Garrity, with the help of a nifty space invader themed infographic makes the case that home PC’s are actually safer than small business sites. He states:
“comparing the percentage of home computers that have an anti-virus software installed (96 percent) with the number of small business websites that use an anti-virus software, which is just 65 percent, despite the fact that 6000 websites are blacklisted by search engines everyday for carrying viruses.” – Michael Garrity, Website Magazine
Moreover the article goes on to state:
  • “…75 percent of PC users use passwords to protect their data, but only 50 percent of small business sites do”
  • “…only 45 percent of home PCs and 35 percent of small business websites are protected from phishing, although around 156 million phishing emails are sent every day, and the number of phishing attacks around the world reached 445,004 in 2012, a 58 percent increase from the year before.”
  • “…40 percent of small business’s backup their website data online, only 23 percent of home users have secure data backups.”
Mr. Garrity makes the strong case for why Home PC’s are safer than most business websites however if you look at the data collected within, a few troubling signs pop up. In particular, only 23 percent of home users have secure data backups. As a Cloud hosting provider, we need to address this concerns with a simple question – if this is the case, why aren’t more consumers and businesses moving their operations to the Cloud?

Human Error and Equipment Failure

Hard Drive FailureOff the bat, the idea of home consumers and businesses backing up their data is a bit of a stretch. If we are honest about data backups, the vast majority of data backups are done via a USB device or an external hard drive. Regardless if the consumer is private or runs a company, the vast majority of IT consumers backup their data on 1GB -128GB USB sticks or 8GB – 500TB external hard drives. The issue with this is two fold:
  1. Human Error – How often do you really backup your data? At home or at work, how often do you really backup and take care of your data? If you are like the vast majority of users, you don’t. Now although 23 percent of home users have secure data backup solutions, it still comes down to the home user to a) backup said data and b) ensure encryption of said data. Point in case, a recent study of home backup data practices revealed that 34% of U.S. based companies fail to test their backup solutions on a normal basis and of those who do, 77% found their backup solution of choice wasn’t getting the job done correctly. Moreover, 6 – 10% of all PC’s will have some variation of hard drive data loss within the year. This data loss equates to billions of dollars in lost business.
  2. Equipment Failure – Another amazing stat uncovered by Mozy Online Backup is roughly 140,000 hard drives (internal and external) crash on a weekly basis. This means if you’re not backing up critical business data on a normal basis, when your hard drive goes, you will lose a ton of data which your business needs to operate.
So why are we mentioning this? The answer: Cloud data backups.

Cloud Hosting Data Backups

Cloud Data BackupsThe great part about transition your IT solutions into the Cloud with a provider like Solar VPS is data backup. Utilizing a Cloud Hosting firm means gaining access to rock solid backup solutions which protect you from losing all of your data due to a faulty hard drive. For example, here at Solar VPS we utilize full server backups matched with incremental backups over a three day period. This means, Solar VPS will take a full backup of your server and then backup any added data to your already full backup (full and incremental). Moreover, so you have the option of restoring our server from multiple points, we take daily backups of your Cloud VPS that are kept for a period of three days. Every third day, the oldest backup is replaced with the newest daily backup. This practice ensures all of your backed up data is up to date and current. Beyond this all data backups are stored in another offsite server to ensure data security. By doing all this, full backups, incremental backups, data security through offsite data storage and multiple restore points, Cloud VPS providers like Solar VPS give businesses and consumers the ability to sleep easy at night knowing that even if a server fails, critical business data is always backed up and ready to go. Learn more about Solar VPS fail safe Cloud storage and our Linux and Windows VPS plans.
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