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The Internal Cloud via Social Media Collaboration

The Private Cloud is Empowering Social Media Collaboration

In the age of connected networks, Social Media platforms and instant communication, the world of has become a smaller place. With the world being more connected then ever before, Social Media networks powered by Cloud platforms are proving time and time again that everything comes down to communication. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what your interests are and it doesn’t matter what you look like, Social Media networks are empowering increased communication across the globe between members of differing geographic locations with likewise interests. Communication. It’s about communication.

It’s about communication. Within the public Cloud, i.e. Social Media networks, it’s all about communication. The same remains true for users in the corporate world. Whereas most people think an Internal Cloud deployment serves as a protected repository for critical business data, the truth is the Internal Cloud is shifting into something more social, more communication based, more collaborative.


Active Collab is the Solar VPS Internal Social Collaboration Network

A few days ago, Solar VPS Lead Cloud Engineer, Wayne Egerer, took a day trip out to the Solar VPS Dallas, TX location to install some needed networking equipment. While in Texas, Egerer not only installed all the needed SolarSystem networking equipment he also did so while communicating with everyone on the Solar VPS team through our internal social media collaboration tool, Active Collab. For those of you who don’t know, Active Collab serves as an Internal Cloud collaboration platform allowing for real time communications between company employees, file uploading, file sharing, project task management, live email notifications (Active Collab is currently working on incorporating live SMS notifications into their system) and a few more features which enable corporate teams to seamlessly collaborate in real time in one centralized location.

The point here being that the internal Cloud isn’t what you think. As much as the internal Cloud is a safe zone for corporate data and information, more than anything else the Internal Cloud is a firewalled Social Media collaboration tool designed specifically to make getting work done between fellow employees and departments more seamless.

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