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The SMAC Future of the Internet

To be connected, the Internet has the promise of global connection

The Internet is a funny thing. From the start of the Internet – military projects and all that – the Internet was meant to be a tool of mass communication. From it’s earliest days, the Internet was meant to open up the world to the masses by making the world a more inclusive place. To connect everything to everyone by making the world smaller. That was and still is the overall plan for the Internet. However over time a funny thing has happened – with the ever increasing ability of communications, the Internet as a whole hasn’t lived up to its promise of connecting everything to everyone, everywhere. Due to multiple obstacles, the limiting of information, firewalls and monetary issues, the Internet is still relativity in it’s infancy promise stage.

Well, with the advent of SMAC, the promise of everything to everyone, everywhere, is starting to take shape.

What is SMAC?


Right off the bat, as SMAC isn’t a highly popularized term, SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. The promise is SMAC is to fully bring to realization what the original Internet intended – full connection. With that in mind the question becomes how is SMAC making good on the promise of full connection across the Internet? Let’s tackle it by going over the varying categories of SMAC. First, Social.


The social element of SMAC is, on its head, pretty easy to describe. Social, i.e. large scale social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon, serve as a direct call and response of active online users. The active online users – a connected network – have the ability to not only blog/chat about whatever they please, more importantly, they have the ability to change, in real time, the products/solutions/services of brands and companies they love. The true power of 140 characters isn’t saying I am alive, it’s changing the world around through mass social communication.


Mobile is Exploding Bring Your Own Device

Mobile. For anyone in the mobile advertising business or the retail business, the writing is on the wall: Mobile is where the world is going. With more and more purchases made every year via mobile devices and apps custom designed for smart phones and tablets, mobile is drawing more and more traffic each year while also driving down the use of stationary/portal computing. However beyond the sales aspect of mobile, the mobile movement is really showing itself in the form of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Movement. The BYOD movement is changing the corporate space by connecting more and more devices to the corporate Cloud and is effectively changing the work/life balance for workers all over the world. To learn more about the BYOD Work/Life balance, check out our blog, “Tips for Corporate Cloud Adoption“.


The Big Data Wave

By now you have heard the term “Big Data”. With more and more connected devices, more and more connected networks around the world (think of social, geographic sensors, monitoring locations etc.), we are currently collecting and receiving more data on a daily basis than we ever have over the course of civilization. All of this data, via machine data and expert data analysis collectors, companies, brands, consumers and individuals are learning more and more about the world around them, how they influence the it and how they play into the emerging patterns uncovered by Big Data. Where the Internet planned on connecting everything to everyone, everywhere, Big Data is fulfilling that promise by way of statics.


The Cloud. If social is allowing consumers and brands to influence one another more than ever, if Mobile is allowing for and growing more and more connected networks and if Analytics (Big Data) are uncovering patters/statistics never seen before, the Cloud is the glue which binds all of it. With Cloud applications, in growth of the “as-a-Service” movement (PaaS, SaaS, IaaS) and game changing factors like easy to use Cloud storage/secure Cloud data replication, the Cloud is bringing all the elements – Social, Mobile, Analytics – together in a fashion which was first promised by the Internet.

The Future of the Internet

If the emergence of SMAC tells us anything it’s this: the world is becoming a more and more connected place. Like networks which gain power and relevance through their sheer numbers, SMAC is – beyond any other movement – fully connecting the everything to everyone, everywhere. SMAC is succeeding at making the world one large connected network. It sure is a brave new world.

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