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Securing Your Cloud Locally

LAN Security

LAN Security

Location. Location. Location. It’s true about real estate and it’s also true about Cloud Storage Security. Even if you’re already storing your data in the Cloud, you should back up that data by storing it locally. While the Cloud has the ability to store data remotely and securely, data security is dependent on two things: Your Cloud provider and your LAN (Local Area Network) security. Why? Because all the security in the world by your Cloud provider won’t change the fact that your local machine is open game.

Cloud security or virtualization security poses risks from not just the hosting provider, but also the consumer. Why? Because even though Solar VPS takes every precaution available to ensure optimal security, in spite of our best efforts, we can’t protect your personal computers from being hacked – that’s up to you. If you’re one of the people that falls for the, “YOU’RE THE 100TH VISITOR! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE IPAD!” then you can’t blame us when your server gets hacked from the inside. So, how do you accomplish true fail-safe Cloud Computing? – By utilizing the benefits of the Cloud while also storing your data locally.

What Can You Do To Ensure The Security Of Your Data Onsite?

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

You should also back up your Cloud data locally. You can do this easily by saving important files to your hard drive, external hard drive, or local server depending on the amount of files you need to store. Maintaining a local external hard drive which you backup on a daily basis is a task which most people don’t do and yet, it is the simplest way to backup data locally. Most external hard drives will run you anywhere from $75 to $250 depending on the storage size of the drive. Even if you spend on the high end for an external hard drive, you will thank us if you ever lose all your critical data.

Make sure all of your Anti-virus software is up-to-date and scan your personal computer frequently. Your anti-virus software is going to protect your LAN from the vast majority of viruses and malware floating around online. By deploying both software and internal hardware firewalls, you are actively protecting yourself from the aforementioned problems. Another important aspect of onsite physical computer and LAN security are the passwords you choose to protect against unwanted intrusion. Utilizing a complicated password consisting of letters (Upper and lowercase), numbers and symbols is a deterrent against outsiders hacking into your network. While we know passwords aren’t the end all, be all of local data security, they are needed and shouldn’t be thought of as trivial.

Lastly, it is imperative that you choose a Cloud hosting provider that ensures the safety and security of your information.

Why Should You Trust Solar VPS With Your Cloud Data Storage?

  1. Geographic Redundancy – Solar VPS has redundant network access across four geographically diverse datacenters.  In the event that one server fails or an entire datacenter is destroyed, this network redundancy prevents data loss because your information will be stored in more than one place.
  2. Physical Security – Solar VPS lives up to our reputation of excellent network and physical security. While other hosting providers in the North East were losing power during Hurricane Sandy, Solar VPS did not experience any service interruptions or outages.
  3. Automated DDoS protection – Solar VPS offers automated protection against DDoS attacks that have the potential to destroy your data.
  4. Fully Redundant Cloud Storage – Solar VPS provides a fully redundant Cloud through the use of Redundant SAN (Storage Area Network) hardware and R1 Soft – provides the ability to have remote back ups

Is The Cloud Still A Suitable Storage Option For Your Data Storage Needs?

LAN Meme

LAN Meme

Rest assured we do everything possible on our end to protect your data. But, regardless of the measures we take, if you don’t protect your data on your end, it doesn’t matter what we do. Computers can be replaced quickly, but replacing lost critical data may take weeks or even months, if it can be re-created at all. There are no guarantees in life, but Solar VPS can give you the closest thing to a guarantee that your data will stay safe and secure in our Cloud. The rest is up to you. So, do your part to limit your risk of experiencing a security breach and we’ll continue to make your data security our top priority.

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