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The American Internet is Growing

Normally we use this space to talk about web hosting, Cloud and VPS concepts or Solar VPS news (product release, company news, customer incentives etc.) however sometimes we use this space to comment on news effecting our industry as a whole. This will be one of those posts.

The State of the American Internet

The American Internet is Broken

The American Internet is Broken

It goes without saying but the Internet is a vital tool for 21st Century commerce. Although we haven’t written about it in this space, the American Internet is in a state of disarray. From figures showing the American Internet ranks somewhere in the mid 30’s for speed when compared to other nations, to studies showing the American Internet is one of the most pricey and hard to access network in the world, the American Internet is in a needed state of revitalization.

Now, we could take a ton of time to walk through how the American Internet arrived at it’s current point in time however we are simply going to say, look to the providers for your answer. Through cornering the market and insider Washington D.C. lobbying, major American ISP’s have successfully monopolized the Internet in defined geographic locations. Without proper competition, ISP’s like Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner etc., have, for years, done the minimal amount in upgrading their Internet based solutions. From prices to speed to ease of access, companies have dragged their feet upping their services for the sole reason of a lack of competition. Well, this is changing.

Fiber for $1

Google Fiber

Google Fiber

For anyone following the digital news of late, Google has been slowly and surely upsetting the existing laws of national and regional American ISP’s. First starting off in the Kansas City moving to Austin, TX and now moving into the Provo, Utah area, Google Fiber is slowly and surely upsetting every ISP it comes into contact with. With the recent news of the Provo, UT move, Google Fiber purchased the existing Fiber network for $1 and will be supplying consumers with:

“The deal would bring free 5Mbps service to homes already on the iProvo network (for a $30 activation fee) and offer free connectivity for 25 public institutions.” – Engadget – 4.17.13

By supplying the local market with Internet speeds 100 times faster then current offerings at likewise or cheaper price points, Google Fiber is finally bringing the American Internet into the 21st century.

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