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The Cloud: Agility and Flexibility

Cloud Computing Is Great For Finances and Agility

Cloud Computing Is Great For Finances and Agility

Here’s the thing – for the longest time the marketplace has been told that the Cloud is all about excellent price structures. Regardless of it’s storage, mobile synchronization, data security and low carbon footprint, the marketplace has been sold on how inexpensive the Cloud is for businesses of all sizes. From Amazon Cloud Services, to Google Cloud Solutions to our very own Solar VPS Cloud offerings, the marketplace at large has been sold on how cheap Cloud computing solutions are. Now, while this is the case – Cloud web hosting, Cloud storage and Cloud computing are very affordable – time and time again case studies show that the highest selling point of Cloud Computing solutions isn’t the price – it’s the agility. For the vast majority of corporate consumers, the major selling point of Cloud Computing solutions isn’t it’s cost comparison internal IT solutions, but how quickly Cloud solutions can be deployed, re-deployed, scaled and fitted to custom sized needs. It’s about agility.

But what do we mean by this?

Cloud Agility and Flexibility

Cloud Flexibility is Key to Corporate Cloud Adoption

Cloud Flexibility is Key to Corporate Cloud Adoption

Without beating around the Cloud too much, corporations and personal consumers are coming around to Cloud computing services because of how fast they can be deployed, rolled back and scaled to meet needs. For companies who need their solutions to be deployed and running at a moment’s notice, studies conducted by the IT research firm CDW and the Sand Hill Group both confirm the major factor in Cloud adoption in corporate America is quickness and scalability. As noted by Stephen Brat, GM of Cloud Solutions of CDW:

“Organizations’ adoption of cloud computing has steadily increased, which comes as no surprise given the growth of mobility and the consumerization of IT. By aligning cloud services with critical applications and preferences of employees that use mobile devices, organizations can better capture business value that includes cost savings, increased efficiency, improved employee mobility and an increased ability to create innovative new products and services.”

But here is the thing, even as companies begin the move to Cloud solutions due to the reasons stated – not to mention work mobility – companies all over the globe are proving reluctant to make the full switch to the Cloud and yet, when they do, Cloud adoption happens because of one factor over all others.

Cloud Adoption from the Couch to the Corporation

Personal Cloud Usage

Personal Cloud Usage

Did you know as of April 2012, Apple’s iCloud had north of 125 million users? Did you know as of June 2012, Google Cloud (Docs, Drive, etc.) had north of 20 million users? Did you know as of March 2012, the Amazon Cloud operates from more than 450,000 servers? It’s true. Now it might not seem to correlate, but the main reason companies are feeling keen to invest in Cloud solutions is due to personal use of Cloud solutions by employees. Through Cloud applications like Spotify or Twitter or through personal smartphone and tablet usage connected to a Cloud app or two, personal Cloud computing is carving the way for professional Cloud solutions. As people get more and more comfortable with the Cloud in their personal lives, they begin to utilize the technology at in their workplace eventually driving adoption into the boardroom.

All we can say is, the more power is given to the people, the more power is given to the Cloud. Viva la Cloud!

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