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Instant VPS

Instant VPS

When it comes to Cloud solutions and VPS deployment, tons of consumers are looking for one thing and one thing only – speed of deployment. For a good portion of the web hosting community, instant VPS (Virtual Private Server) deployment or near instant VPS deployment is a must. But here’s the thing, instant VPS deployment is but a myth – the stuff of web hosting legends and lore. The truth is, when it comes to instant VPS setup, most VPS solutions, due to their OS needs and the deployment/billing/provisioning abilities of your VPS provider, take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to deploy.

To understand why truly instant setup is the grey ghost of Cloud hosting, let’s first take a quick look at Windows Cloud VPS creation.

Instant Windows VPS

Windows VPS

Windows VPS

The basis of Windows OS is Microsoft. Regardless if it’s Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8 or Windows 2003, all Windows Cloud hosting operating systems run based on the limitations, allowances, abilities and disruptions of the Microsoft corporation. Another way of saying this is: Unlike the open source world that is Linux, Windows is closed source, proprietary OS. For anyone who has ever installed a Windows operating system on their home computer, one of the first things that Windows asks its user for is a product key or a registration key. This key allows Microsoft to register your Windows product to protect against fraud and supply you with patches, fixes and updates. It goes without saying but this process is somewhat tedious and annoying. Well, that same process holds true when deploying a Windows web hosting VPS. Microsoft still needs product keys. Microsoft needs to register your version of Windows.

The other major factor in the time deployment of Windows OS is the how the Windows installer installs the needed files. Those files – extremely large in size – take a good amount of time to write and install. For those of you who are technically inclined, as Solar VPS Noc Manager Wayne Egerer stated:

“It has to do with how the VM’s are provisioned. Linux untars a tar.gz while windows is a DD copy, of a sysprep’d windows install, of X gigs – which is what takes majority of the time. Once that completes the detection of hardware etc. is fairly quick on first boot. Once done, both Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 {the Windows OS’s Solar VPS offers} auto activate on first login.”

In common terms, Windows takes so long to activate due to the installer and the sheer size of the installation files associated with the Windows OS of choice. Additionally, the extra time associated with Windows VPS deployment comes from the providers ability to fully provision to purchased solution, i.e. billing, approving the order etc. The reality: For most VPS providers, Windows virtual server hosting setup takes an hour to a few hours.

Instant Linux VPS

Instant Linux VPS Deployment

Instant Linux VPS Deployment

Unlike the world if Windows, the Linux OS is based on an open source kernel. This means, unlike Windows which is dependent upon the Microsoft corporation, all Linux operating systems – Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu etc. – are added to, further developed by and updated for users by users themselves. Due to its open source kernel, Linux Cloud VPS do not require activation time of the overall provider making Cloud VPS deployment very quick. Whereas Windows Cloud services typically deploy in anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours, a great Cloud provider can have your Linux virtual private servers up and running in 15 minutes to an hour.

Solar VPS Instant VPS Deployment Solutions

Now, we can’t speak for other cheap VPS plans (VPS hosting comparison forums like can), but Solar VPS offers our Linux Cloud Hosting with deployment times of under an hour. In most cases, our users have their purchased Linux VPS up and running in under 30 minutes. We can’t say it is truly instant VPS setup, but Solar VPS Linux web hosting is damn near instant.

Follow this link to learn more about our near instant Linux VPS and our near instant Windows VPS Cloud solutions.

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