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Vlog: Going Green in the Cloud

Going Green in the Cloud” Infographic

Video Transcript:

Brad: Hey guys, it’s Brad from and today we are going to talk about going green in the Cloud. Essentially the energy efficiencies that Cloud Computing now has for small to medium sized businesses and large multinational corporations. Before we get going, like always, there is a link right below me – right there – it’s a link to an infographic we made internally. It shows all this information in a nice graphical pretty outline. So, if you get a chance, feel free to click that link, go over there, check it out, make a comment or two, spread that information around then hopefully come back here and watch me, do this little presentation. So, I’ll give you a moment.

Brad: Alright, your back. Let’s get going. So the first thing that needs to be said on this is that the Cloud is based in datacenters. It’s based on companies like Solar VPS utilizing a datacenter to host your applications – host your infrastructure. Essentially if you have an internal exchange server, you have an internal voice server, you utilize public cloud applications, companies like us, like Solar VPS who have our own datacenter handle all those applications for you and take care of all those needs. Now the dirty secret of our industry, of the IT industry, is that datacenters, in general, cost a lot of money. They are big, they are pretty big, they’re pretty numerous, they are hard to run, they cost a lot of money to run, they use a lot of energy and sometimes, if they don’t have the right technology they can be, pretty, not well efficient. However, that’s all changing. As technology gets better, as things increase, as the capabilities of the IT industry get better and better on a daily basis, 38 percent of datacenters currently operating in the United States, by 2020, will see energy reduction on a daily, on a weekly, a monthly and a yearly basis. This means it will use less energy, it means it will cost less to run them and essentially it means it will give that company more capitol and it saves the environment some. Of the companies currently operating with a datacenter, again, like Solar VPS, 43 percent of them, 43 percent of them will utilize, by 2020, better technology to make their energy efficiency more efficient in the coming years. BY investing in new technology, by making their datacenters their infrastructure sleeker – and I wouldn’t say more bare bones – but sleeker and more robust in the same time, the energy cost of datacenter providers like Solar VPS, will go down and will essentially save money and save the environment. Move over here now.

Brad: Now, one of the biggest stats of this, is that by 2020, small to medium sized businesses, by utilizing the Cloud, be it the Private Cloud, be it a Public Cloud, small to medium sized business, in a seven year period – it is essentially 2013 so let’s say 7 years – will experience a 12.3 billion dollar cost savings just by offloading all their internal IT needs on to a Cloud provider. It gets their energy costs down and all that additional money now allows them to reinvest in their core competencies and let them do what it is they need to do on a daily basis instead of worrying about their energy costs and how much money they are paying for bills on a daily basis.

Brad: Ahh, of those companies, for small to medium sized businesses, 65 to 85 percent, 65 to 85 percent of small to medium sized businesses will experience energy reduction by utilizing the Public Cloud.They will see their bills lowered because they utilize the Public Cloud. Something like Gmail, something like Drop Box, even something like Spotify, something like Facebook or Twitter, those are all Public Cloud applications. For the majority of people who use them, things of that nature, being that they are not on site anymore will essentially lower bills for small to medium sized businesses, mom and pop shops, small stores, and essentially make them more efficient, make them lighter and again also, help the environment. Um, of those companies, of the 65 to 85 percent of small to medium sized businesses, in the United States and the United Kingdom – that energy reduction, that energy efficiency – will save upwards of 2 billion dollars. 2 billion dollars in savings because of the Public Cloud. Moreover, and this is more in environmental terms, that savings will essentially cut carbon emissions, Co2 emissions by 19 million metric tons over the next seven years. Saving the environment, pretty good deal.

Brad: Now, the number 12.3 billion is pretty large, however worldwide, that 12.3 billion dollars converts to 85.7 million metric tons of carbon, carbon reduction, in a seven year period. It essentially means that small to medium sized businesses, large corporations all over the world – because they’re utilizing the Public Cloud, because they’re utilizing the Private Cloud, because they’re off loading all their IT needs onto a Cloud provider, like Solar VPS, they’re cutting carbon energy reduction emissions, they’re cutting carbon emissions by 85.7 million metric tons. More cost efficient, saving the environment – keeps coming up.

Brad: Now another part of this is, ah, 30 percent of larger companies, 30 percent of multinational/international companies in the next coming 7 to 10 years will utilize the Cloud, be it Public or Private, and they will see energy efficiency happen. They will cut their bills and they will become more efficient. The more staggering stat is that for smaller companies, mom and pop shops,things on the corner of your street who are really operated by two or three people, something that has been in town for 30 to 40 years and everyone loves, because their small, they tend to be less efficient at the moment but by utilizing the Cloud, 90 percent of those small mom and pop shops, 90 percent will see significant energy reduction and significant cost reduction. Allows them to reinvest in what it is they do best, make their business better and at the same time, help the environment. Pretty good deal.

Brad: So again, this has been a presentation of Going Green in the Cloud: How the Cloud will impact the growing economy of the world in the next 7 to 10 years with energy efficiency and costs across the board. There is that infographic right below me, feel free to check it out and I’ll be seeing you next week with another presentation about the Cloud, about VPS – we’ll see what it is. Take care guys.

Brad: Hey, it’s Brad from Solar VPS. If you like what we are doing here, please subscribe to our channel – we enjoy that quite a lot. The more your subscribe, the more videos we will produce, the more everyone will be informed. Another thing, if you have any questions about the Cloud, about Cloud infrastructure, about how the Cloud impacts the world about how the Cloud impacts the world now, put a post underneath here, write a response, put a video response. Let us know what it is you want to know and we’ll take the time to go ahead and answer your questions so everyone is more informed. Take care.

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