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Additions Expand Solar VPS’s SolarSystem Platform

HTTP/HTTPS Website Monitoring

HTTP/HTTPS Website Monitoring

Clifton, NJ – On December 10, Solar VPS announced two new features to the SolarSystem – their Linux and Windows Cloud Hosting platform – a HTTP/HTTPS Monitor and a new Linux OS template. The new features will allow SolarSystem users to utilize a more comprehensive Cloud hosting solution. The two new features come on the heels of Solar VPS announcing two new SolarRay Website Uptime Monitoring nodes in Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL in addition to a new Linux and Windows VPS price structure.

Developed to meet the needs of consumers, the HTTP/HTTPS monitoring feature now allows SolarRay Website Uptime monitoring to specify if fetched content from the monitored URL in question should or should not contain a string. For example, if was to be monitored, the HTTP/HTTPS monitor user can choose to add the criteria “should contain” “I’m feeling lucky” or “should not contain” “I’m feeling lucky”. The addition to HTTP/HTTPS monitoring allows SolarRay to report website failure based on status codes and now strings.

“The addition of the ‘HTTP/HTTPS should contain string’ feature to SolarRay monitoring is part of the growing evolution of the SolarSystem. This new feature provides our users with a more powerful tool to monitor their website uptime. In the coming weeks and months, Solar VPS will push the envelope of Cloud hosting as it continues to roll out new features to the SolarSystem cloud management platform,” commented Solar VPS COO Ross Brouse.

To go along with new HTTP/HTTPS string feature, Solar VPS rolled out Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bit). The new Linux OS adds to the bevy of OS templates the SolarSystem already features: CentOS 5, CentOS 6, Debian 6, Fedora 15, Ubuntu 11 and Gentoo 2012.07. All Solar VPS OS are 32 and 64 bit with the exception of Gentoo and Ubuntu 12.04, which are available in 64 bit.

In business since 2005, the Solar VPS SolarSystem is the next evolution in Cloud Hosting. Recognized as a leading provider in the hosting community, Solar VPS serves clients in over 90 countries with  Linux and Windows Cloud Hosting, 24/7 support and redundant network connectivity backed by FortressITX technology. Providing the best Cloud VPS hosting experience available, Solar VPS is perfect for growing ecommerce websites, bloggers and IT professionals.


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