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Meet our Team of Account Manager Rock Stars

As a company we have made the decision to hire more account managers and extend our customer service hours. We are doing this because we care about your customer experience with us. We have upped our game so you can up yours. To read more about our updated approach to customer care click, “Because We Care About You…

And now it’s time to meet our Account Manager Rock Stars:

Jake Benoist

Jake grew up in Florida (Tampa) and Texas (Dallas) with a younger brother, Patrick, and a younger sister, Caroline. He is known around the office as a natural leader who excels in setting an example by doing and working within a team environment. When asked why he is looked to for leadership, Jake credits his time spent playing football at the collegiate level (Sam Houston State – Linebacker). He started in the IT industry in late 2008 with Verizon Terremark in their sales division. In May 2012, Jake joined the FortressITX family bringing with him his knowledge of sales and IT customer concerns. Jake has a solid understanding of the issues customers worry about on a daily basis and moreover knows that the key to customer care is in listening. When asked about his style of customer care Jake commented, “for me the process is simple. No one wants to be talked down to. Rather everyone wants to know that their concerns are real and deserve to be addressed. I make it my daily love to let each customer know their concerns are real, they are being addressed and they can rest at ease knowing our team is on it.”

Jake has girlfriend named Brooke and a silver Labrador puppy named Charlie. When he isn’t in the office, he enjoys concerts (he just saw Pearl Jam live), pool/lake visits, floating the Guadalupe (at least 2- 3 times a year), ski trips, brews with friends, fantasy football, hunting, chowing down on some good seafood or steak and of course, the Dallas Cowboys. If you chat with him, feel free to ask him about the glory days of the Cowboys with Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

Jamison Powell

Jamison “Buttons” Powell joined the FortressITX family after spending over five years on the engineering side of the business. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington wher he majored in Information Systems. Jamison’s background in IT (started in 2006 with Samsung, later moving to Dell and Layered Tech) and understanding of data center operations, in addition to his commitment to taking care of his customers, is his trademark. When asked about his approach to customer care he commented, “I like to take my time. My approach is very careful, slow and well thought out. Good customer service is about listening to our customers and understanding their concerns so we can make them feel empowered with their IT decisions.”

Jamison’s an Austin native who vows to “Keep Austin Weird.” Although he is an Austin native, Buttons is a die hard Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Cubs fan. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing video games (Madden is his game of choice), and enjoying himself poolside. If you happen to deal with Jamison on a daily basis, challenge him to a game of Madden but be warned – he swears his custom Randall Cunningham QB will slice up your defense and run wild all over your Nickle package.

Jennifer Taillac

Jennifer Taillac joined FortressITX in May 2012 bringing with her 13 years of experience in the computer technology and telephony industries. Prior to joining the FortressITX family, she worked with Securus Technologies in the sales department as a Territory Manager and Project Management Specialist. While there, she also served as a Regional Operations Manager. Her vast experience allows Jennifer to interact with ease with her clients and gives her an edge when leading and working with cross-departmental teams. When asked about her approach to customer care Jennifer commented, “it’s all about listening and understanding my customer’s needs and their business goals. Every customer is different. To really satisfy a customer, I make it my passion to know their background as well as their goals so that I can identify their needs, address their concerns and excel beyond their expectations. It’s about being their partner, not just another vendor.”

During her free time, Jennifer is an avid hunter who enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their three daughters. She prefers hunting with a bow rather than a rifle because “it’s more challenging, requires more concentration and demands a finer technique.” Around the office, Jennifer is noted for showing the same commitment and passion to her customers that she shows to bow hunting.

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