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SolarRay Monitoring

Captain’s Log, Stardate 8.4.12:

Greetings and salutations from the communications deck of SolarVPS. Captain Jean-Luc Picard has taken off to some far reaching galaxy beyond the stars and has left the members of the SolarVPS Communications Deck in charge of all future Captain’s Log entries. Who knows when his shiny bald head will be back. With his departure, we have been sorting through log entries he has been meaning to write. This has led us to a curiously interesting entry titled “SolarRay Monitoring.”

We had to ask around but when we finally tracked down Captain Riker he filled us in on what SolarRay Monitoring is.

SolarRay Monitoring is an exclusive SolarVPS technology crafted in secret with years of acquired knowledge and gathered experience. SolarRay Monitoring is SolarVPS’s answer to unexpected and protracted VPS downtime. It is our Solar System’s never setting sun guaranteeing you 24/7/365 monitoring from six locations all across the globe (two in Clifton, NJ, one in Miami, London, Los Angeles and Dallas).

SolarRay was developed to be highly scalable, allowing us to perform millions of scans with no service degradation. Our exclusive monitoring technology was built from the ground up by SolarVPS engineers to be fully integrated with the Solar System, enabling faster and more efficient support for our clients.

That support includes:

  • Downtime email notifications whenever an outage of your monitored devices is detected
  • Email notification consolidation. The service means you will receive one notification when multiple servers are down rather than having your inbox flooded with messages from varying monitors. This service keeps your inbox clean and without clutter.
  • Sensitivity threshold allowing you to control your downtime notification enabling you to avoid false downed services reports.
  • Downtime logging allowing you to scan and search logs of your outages to see total downtime duration for each incident
  • Pro-active support and reboots allowing you to automatically notify our staff in the event of an outage. The automatic notification means SolarVPS will resolve your issue quickly without you emailing or calling us. We do this so you do not have to be bothered.
  • SMS Notifications to receive notifications directly to your SMS-enabled mobile device.
  • Reseller Control Panel allows you to provide monitoring-integrated hosting to all of your clients.

So now that you  know what SolarRay is, a question needs to be asked of us: Why is SolarVPS offering SolarRay to its customers?

The Universe is a large void like place filled with many planets, stars and enemy ships trying to kill off SolarVPS. Sadly, the truth is we know sometimes these enemy ships are enticing. They offer you something nice like a parfait and you take it hook, line and sinker. I mean let’s be honest here for a second, everyone loves parfait’s. They are just so tasty and wonderful.

So you take their parfait and before you know it your halfway through a delicious treat when your VPS crashes. However because you’re too into the parfait and your chosen company of choice doesn’t deploy SolarRay Monitoring, your VPS crash is unknown to you. Our point being with SolarVPS you can eat your parfait and not have to worry about unexpected and protracted VPS downtime. We offer this to you because as much as we love parfaits, we love customer care and loyalty more. Our Star Commanders developed SolarRay Monitoring to protect you and show we care. We developed SolarRay Monitoring because we want you to know we are always thinking about your needs and concerns. It is our way of saying we will always be loyal to your concerns and your hosting needs.

Now that we have that out of the way and you know what SolarRay Monitoring is, the crew of the communications deck is going to wander over to the kitchen. There must be a parfait around here somewhere.

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