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SolarRAY Server Monitoring Nearing Release Candidate

If you haven’t heard of this before, we’ve been developing a server monitoring solution in house for approximately the past year. The product is called SolarRAY and its goal is to provide Solar VPS clients with an integrated monitoring solution that will eventually allow for pro-active support of Solar VPS client servers. There are many SaaS monitoring solutions available in the market today but few that are operated directly by a managed service provider. The feature sets for the release candidate will be fairly simple. Clients will have the ability to add monitors using HTTP, ICMP, TCP or UDP protocols, give names to those monitors and select from various scanning locations around the United States ( we will be expanding our scanning locations over the next 6 months ). SolarRAY will also allow clients to set email notification sensitivity so that they are not constantly bombarded with emails during the course of an outage. Upcoming features include SMS notifications, white label reseller capability and most importantly, pro-active support. The idea behind SolarRAY pro-active support is what makes it so unique. A client has already established a relationship with Solar VPS to provide that client with hosting and managed services. We expand upon this to allow Solar VPS staff to resolve outages on a client server without the need for that client to submit a support ticket. This is a huge advantage for Solar VPS clients as they can rest easy knowing that not only are their servers being constantly scanned, they are also being pro-actively managed by Solar VPS staff. Some additional features include email notification consolidation and downtime logging. For a complete list of features, please visit the SolarRAY product page on our web site. Update: The beta testing phase for SolarRay Monitoring is now over however you can still utilize the service by visiting the SolarSystem addons page.
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