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New Web Site – June 9, 2010

We launched our new site today! This has been months and months in the making and I am proud to say that it’s finally online!

There are two major new aspects of the new site launch that I want to write about. The first is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the fundamental problems with all of our previous web sites was the lack of “good SEO”, or an efficient way for search engines to find our site pages and keywords. We teamed up with Franki Nguyen of TN3 Productions in Perth, Australia to create a new site codebase that would allow us to easily update and maintain our web site while still maintaining full Standards Compliance. What we’ve arrived at is a fully compliant new site that is super fast and easy to navigate. In order to enhance our SEO and promote a more community based experience, we also integrated our social media networks and our blog with the new site! This will help the site to become an “always changing” experience for our site visitors. We want our visitors to become more interactive with us via our Forums ( ), Facebook page ( ), Twitter page ( ) and Blog ( ). Now that our new site enables us to be in constant communication with our visitors, it is up to us to be continually updating our social networks.

The second major new aspect of the site are the new product offerings. Before today, our offerings consisted of mostly just VPS Hosting (Windows VPS & Linux VPS). We’ve now branched out and began to offer Dedicated Servers, Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Database Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting ( coming in the next 1-2 weeks ). In addition to these services, we will be adding Open-Xchange ( an Linux based Exchange-like groupware solution ), a highly advanced and INSANELY fast Cloud Computing Platform over the next 2-3 months.

Our long overdue and highly anticipated Server Monitoring solution, called SolarRAY, is currently in beta testing and is due to be released in July. The initial release will include the integration of our new automation and billing platform called SMC ( Solar Management Center ) and multi-location monitoring from New Jersey, Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. We are also in development of an iPhone App for SolarRAY that will allow our customers the ability to manage their monitors, logs and notifications directly from their iPhone! Later this summer, we will also be adding pro-active support for our enterprise SolarRAY customers that will allow our engineers to resolve issues on SolarRAY protected servers without the need for those customers to open a support ticket.

There are some exciting new things coming and I will be sure to keep everyone in the loop over the next several weeks as we launch our SolarRAY product and our new automation system!

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